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Kate: You're Welcome to Join Us!

flat earth

Mainstream Media (MSM) just won't let up, will they: They just keep at it, refusing to acknowledge that we live in a democracy and the people have spoken. We have a new government and it's implementing, as promised, what was negotiated in the Coalition Agreement. Instead, from Day One of the new Coalition Government, the MSM has been trying to sow the seeds of division and discontent.

They are coming at the government from every possible angle, including using transgender sports as a tool for causing dissent.

And they're about as rational and convincing as the Flat Earth Society!

Here's the latest attack, coming from the woke NZ Herald:

And here's an interview from last year that's worth viewing:

And Lorraine, my sister, put this out a few months ago:

A Personal Message to Kate:

Kate: I'm a male mountain-biker. You're welcome to join us for fun rides and competitions. We're 100 percent inclusive and you'll feel 100 percent safe. The only difference for you, as it was when you were a male mountain biker before becoming a "woman", is winning won't be as easy as it is for you now. Hey, Kate, I don't know about you, but not winning all the time isn't the end of the world!

Kate, I'll say it again: you're welcome to join us, and we'll protect you so you feel included and safe.

Is Sport Inherently Unfair?

Kate's statement in the woke Herald article that "Sports are inherently unfair", can't be allowed to go unchallenged.

Sport is designed to be fair, and this is where the statement, "A level playing field" comes from. The pursuit of fairness in sport is why there are rules of competition, including equipment, and anti-doping rules and competition based on size, biological sex, and age.

Yes, it could be agreed that sport is unfair if the rules allow, or a blind eye is turned to cheating, such as allowing men to compete against women in all but a handful of sports, such as car racing and equestrian.

Fairness leads to safety.

Rules of competition, including regulations on equipment and anti-doping measures, are designed to create a level playing field. They aim to guarantee fairness by standardising the tools used in competition and preventing unfair advantages by employing various substances or methods that can enhance performance artificially, or biological men identifying as women.

Competition based on size, sex, and age, allows individuals with similar physical attributes to fairly compete against each other.

So, Kate, you're wrong: Sport is inherently fair, whereas allowing men to compete as women is inherently unfair. But I guess I'm wrong in the topsy-turvy world of woke, where up is down, and truth is lies, and so on.

Finally, Kate, I'll say it yet again: you're welcome to join us.


A sporting female reader wrote: "Just read your article. Including the Herald article. I actually just find it annoying that Kate continues to have so much of a platform. And that he's speaking on women's issues in sport."

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