• Gary Moller

How we spent Mother's Day

Being a special day for my beloved Alofa, I suggested we drive over the hill from Wellington to the Wairarapa for a romantic walk over the lower trails of Mount Holdsworth, then finish with lunch. She agreed. It happened, by sheer coincidence, that the Wairarapa Multi-sports Club was running its annual Mountain Duathlon at Mount Holdsworth. I entered.


So, while Alofa hiked the trails I cycled 20 km, ran 5km then cycled another 20km to the finish. We had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Oh, did you, by chance, ask how did I do in the race? Well, to my surprise, I finished second in the Open Men. Not too bad when you consider I'm bordering on 68 yrs and did the race on a cyclo-cross bike, taking on the hybrid time trial bikes.

Race results

More pleasing than ever was I ran freely over sometimes rough trails.

Gary running
The finish of the run

A few months over 5 years ago, I shattered my left ankle.

ankle fracture
My left ankle today

The damage was such that my running days were over. But I kept hope alive and patiently plugged away at gentle rehabilitation, knowing the genetic programming of my body is to heal, no matter the damage. All I had to do is nurture these processes, which is what I did. For the first two years, I did not even attempt to run. I seldom walked further than a kilometer. I stuck to activities that encouraged repair and strengthening and not further wear and tear of already damaged joint cartilage and tendons. I found I could cycle without pain, so cycling it was to be! During the 5 years of rehabilitation, I won three World Masters Mountain Biking Championships - yes, three.