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How to use Algotene for improving conception

Updated: Mar 29


There are few studies to support the claim that Algotene improves conception rates, but anecdotal reports are hard to ignore: healthy children are being conveived and born where there were previous problems with male infertility.

Algotene is one of the richest natural sources of mixed dietary carotenoid antioxidants, including astaxanthin. Algotene contains a comprehensive spectrum of important daily nutrients.

A search of the literature does not reveal much evidence to support what is being noticed anecdotally, but here are the results and conclusions from one study that I found:

Results: ROS and Inhibin B decreased significantly and sperm linear velocity increased in the Astaxanthin group (n = 11), but not in the placebo group (n = 19). The results of the zona-free hamster oocyte test tended to improve in the Astaxanthin group in contrast with the placebo group, though not reaching statistical significance. The total and per cycle pregnancy rates among the placebo cases (10.5 % and 3.6 %) were lower compared with 54.5 % and 23.1 % respectively in the Astaxanthin group (P = 0.028; P = 0.036).

Conclusion: Although the present study suggests a positive effect of Astaxanthin on sperm parameters and fertility, the results need to be confirmed in a larger trial before recommending Astaxanthin for the complementary treatment of infertile men.

While we need more studies, I'm more than convinced that the health benefits of Algotene make it a worthwhile addition for any couples who are intending to start a family. It is just good for everyone, including the child, as it grows in Mother's womb.

Just a few minor details:

  1. Exposure to toxins such as lead and arsenic is very common, especially with men who work with their hands, such as farmer, mechanics and handy-men. Any of these toxins will adversely affect male fertility. This test will determine if toxins are a factor:

  2. The study above gave astaxanthin to the male only. It makes sense to give it to the woman, so it makes the environment for the sperm as friendly as possible. The nutrients in Algotene are beneficial for mother and child once the job of getting pregnant is done and dusted.

  3. How much one takes is best determined in consultation with your health professional and after testing, but this may vary from 2 to 4 capsules per day. The benefits gradually accrue over months of regular ingestion rather than days or weeks, so consistency is the key.

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