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How Could You Sink So Low?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022



I've known Guy Hatchard for several years through mutual campaigning to prevent natural products from being captured by Big Pharma. I've read his book DNA, which explains how DNA listens to our food - yes, it does! I've got to know him even better over the last year. I understand Guy was an "out of committee" advisor to some of the experts running NZ's COVID response. They are not consulting him anymore. I wonder why? In recent months Guy has gone from being the epitome of tact and diplomacy in writing style using a style that, well, carries within it more than a hint of simmering frustration and outrage. I don't blame him; after all, they are coming for our children, and the case for doing so is scientific nonsense.

Here is Guy's latest work. He is on a roll!


Open Letter to the Editors and Owners of the NZ Herald and Radio NZ

How Could You Sink So Low?

This letter calls upon the leaders of Civil Society in NZ to speak out now and loudly point out that NZ no longer wishes to be controlled by media who report manipulated data.

Yesterday Radio NZ printed an outrageous lie designed to persuade parents to present their 5 - 11 year old children for inoculation on Monday. Their article entitled Covid-19 vaccination for children: What you need to know was also reprinted in the NZ Herald. It said: “one in 11,000 children who get Covid are likely to die”.

Lies designed to manipulate the treatment of children are the most despicable

The CDC in the USA reports that only 2 in a million children in the 5-11 age bracket die of Covid, UKHSA reports an identical figure. The CDC also reports that 86% of the miniscule number of children dying suffer from comorbidities unrelated to Covid that seriously impair their health and immunity. There are 570,000 children aged 5-11 in NZ, the above figures translate to just 0.16 of a healthy 5-11 year old dying in NZ. In other words, most probably zero. Certainly not the 52 children dying as a result of Covid that the RNZ/Herald article predicts.

We have become very familiar with the mainstream media reporting outrageous lies just before each new phase of the pandemic policy and vaccine roll outs. For example we remember Professor Shaun Hendry suggesting in March 2020 that up to 80,000 kiwis will die of Covid. A rate so exaggerated that it is 6 times greater than those nations most affected to date by Covid in the world.

Yes, leaders of NZ civil society, you can and must speak up in the face of obvious lies. You can do this, just like Professor Ehud Qimron, head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Tel Aviv University who has decided to speak out by writing an open letter the Israeli Ministry of Health saying:

“Ministry of Health, it’s time to admit failure”.

Full text here:

If we don’t speak up now, half truths and exaggerations will become the common coin of NZ media and government leaving us little better off than North Korea.

My analysis of the scientific findings concerning Covid vaccination of 5-11 year olds is reported on my website under the title: Investigating the Science Behind vaccination of 5-11 year olds: An Indictment—Does the vaccination programme for teens and younger surpass the threshold for criminal prosecution?

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Guy Hatchard PhD

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