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Hooking us on sugar

Updated: Feb 26

Not to mention the millions spent lobbying politicians worldwide to prevent any public health measures to reduce dietary sugar!

During this election campaign make sure you ask candidates what their policy on this issue including whether or not they support a sugar tax. If they do not support a sugar tax, then what is their solution for what is arguably our most urgent, most widespread and most costly health issue - sugar and carbohydrate-related health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

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2 comentarios

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
31 ago 2020

Eric, you are a goldmine of information!

Me gusta

30 ago 2020

Great Youtube Video, thank you Gary.

Some books that might be at your public library.

Pure White and Deadly by Dr. John Yudkin. (how sugar is killing us)

Sugar Blues by William Duffy

Sugar Crash by Dr. Richard P Jacoby & Raquel Baldlemar

Sweet Poison (sugar) at Auckland library by a few authors.

also try.

Cancer Step Outside The Box by Ty Bollinger

and I am sure Raymond Francis would say more on sugar.

Never be Sick Again by Raymond Francis Never Fear Cancer Again : How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer. by Raymond Francis Never Be Fat Again : The 6-Week Cellular Solution to Permanently Break the Fat Cycle by Raymond Francis

Never feel old again : aging is…

Me gusta
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