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Fast Food Kills

Updated: Feb 21

After watching this quite short documentary by Al Jazeera about obesity in the USA, you will better understand why our Government has repeatedly resisted calls by many health experts for a tax on junk foods such as soft drinks.

You will also understand why the Government allowed supermarkets and liquor stores to be open as "essential" during the Covid-19 Lockdown but closed down butchers and greengrocers. I'll include here as well, closing down all natural health practitioners, including nutritionists.

You will also understand why the COVID relief package worth billions of dollars did not include removing GST from fresh food and vegetables.

It seems that Governments are only as good as their advisers and just who are these expert advisers?

Those who donate to political parties and industry lobbyists exert far too much influence on the democratic process, even here in New Zealand.

We have an election coming up shortly. Ask candidates to state clearly where they stand on these issues. These things have dragged on and things are getting worse - not better.

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