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Cyclocross: I'll be struggling to keep this up!

These are the series points for the local cyclocross racing and I'm surprised to see that I'm holding onto 5th place overall. I'm 67 in a few months and very happy to be holding my own against the best of the young boys and girls.

Being realistic, 10-13th is perhaps my true ranking so I expect to drop a few places over the next few races.

Cyclocross is a bit like running a muddy cross-country course for a duration of up to one hour. It is not the sort of intensity that you would think suitable for an older person to be doing. While it is incredibly intense it is the safest form of cycling competition. At the worst, you might strain a calf muscle or badly bruise your Ego as you slide into the mud!

The take-home message here is that investing in one's health today reaps benefits many years later. Most of what we consider to be decline and disease due to ageing are far from inevitable. Most age-related decline and disease are due to things we have a good deal of control over, such as nutrient deficiencies and imbalances or exposures to toxins such as mercury and lead. The key to a long and healthy life is to keep at least 20 years ahead of even the slightest manifestation of diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular disease. I'm not going to blindly wait until a scan or other medical tests tells me that I have an active disease that can only be treated by pharmaceuticals or invasive surgery.

Keep 20 years ahead of the things that are going to get you!

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