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Are Births in New Zealand Declining?

Updated: Apr 5

Chart of conceptions in NSW

"..these declines in births/conceptions buck the historical trend and align temporally with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine."

Man Downunder

So, what's going on in New Zealand? We can assume similar trends in New Zealand as in Australia.

We are doomed if we fail to care for, cherish and protect our women and children, including their fertility.

With excess all-causes deaths at an all-time high, the working population decimated by chronic illness due to damaged immune systems, and declining birth rates, Australia will have to rely on increasing immigration to keep their economy and services ticking over and guess where from, among places?

They'll take them from New Zealand - of course! It is already happening as more young people, including our nurses and healthcare workers, flock to Australia for warmer climes, better wages and conditions.

So, where does New Zealand turn to make up for its losses to richer countries like Australia? We take the best, the young, educated and skilled, from countries like the Philippines and Srilanka. These new immigrants will work day and night for a dime, thus perpetuating our low-income economy while ensuring the families and communities they leave behind remain impoverished.

And so the cycle continues, perhaps better described as a vortex heading down the plug hole!

We can and must do better!

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1 Comment

Philip Hayward
Apr 22, 2023

Incidentally, new immigrants, besides working for a dime and ensuring we remain a low wage economy, are also happy to live crowded in grossly overpriced housing space, something that kiwis also have to learn to tolerate if they are to have anywhere to live.

The way housing costs have already affected birth rates in the first world because young people cannot afford the housing anymore in which to have a family, is something that the "save the planet" crowd have been quite happy with. They CLAIM that their urban planning policies enable "affordability" but in practice they are perfectly happy when it does the opposite (which is what decades of evidence from around the world shows).

The stated objective is…

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