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A pleasing Upgrade to our HTMA Service

Updated: Apr 6


One of the constant bug-bears for us, for the last 20 years, with hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is the time it takes to get results because a hair sample must be sent to the USA for analysis in a unique laboratory. It takes weeks and sometimes a month or so to get the reports from the laboratory.

This is frustrating because the patient wants the results quickly, not a month from now.

So, we lose out to inferior, unvalidated testing services, such as hair follicle scanning, that provide the instant gratification sought by the curious and the desperate, but usually, they are clinically misleading reports and of dubious health benefit.

The USA-based laboratory testing is the best in the world for accuracy and clinical significance. However, despite being in recovery following the supply chain disruptions of COVID lockdowns, the mail to the USA is, if anything, just as slow and unreliable as ever. It takes weeks to months to get hair samples to the USA, and sometimes, consignments are lost. Meanwhile, the most reliable courier services have doubled in cost.

Good news! We have negotiated an affordable arrangement with FedEx to courier our packages to the USA laboratory in just a few days! So, what this means is we can produce HTMA reports within 1-2 weeks of us receiving your hair sample and forms.

Here's the procedure:

  1. Purchase your test here (order Profile Two unless you have completed a Profile Two HTMA in the past):

  2. We'll mail you the forms or email the PDFs, which you can print off (this is the fastest option).

  3. Send the hair sample and forms to our Wellington address - not the lab in the USA.

  4. We'll send your sample and forms to the USA lab in a once-a-week consignment.

  5. We will email back your report and recommendations as PDFs.

  6. In most cases, you will not need our input with the recommendations unless you have complications with your health, such as being on medications, in which case it is best to have an appointment to go through the report and work out a better plan for you (additional fees will apply).

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