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A delicious Lamb's Fry Recipe

Updated: Feb 16

Lambs Fry Dish

"This is dinner from the other night, lamb fry in onion and sour cream sauce, omelette with veggies and fresh veggie salad. My kid loved it and had it two nights in a row.

Dice a large onion (or 1.5 onions) sauté in a bit of oil until it’s starting to turn golden, add spices (I only added pepper and turmeric).

Cut up lambs fry into small pieces, add to the onion, stir fry until cooked from the outside, add some water, mix in sour cream (about 4 tablespoons-ish?).

Add salt to taste, close with lid, simmer on low heat for another 20ish minutes.


Works well with beef or chicken livers too."


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