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  • Gary Moller

Pus and Boil Stories: good news!

(Updated 20/11/21)

Here's how his back looks today; now go and take a look at what it used to be like!

Here's his skin now (2021)

If anybody tells you that natural therapies do not work and that the Interclinical Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a waste of time and money, think twice!

They work and sometimes the results are spectacular. Read on.

"So here they are Gary! Much better! Mostly scars now some still active, if you can see to the left was a very long one that just oozed so much stuff! It’s still there and still lets out a bit, but so much better. He can actually wear shirts again without worrying about them bleeding through."

Image of back now into treatment

Here is what his back looked like prior to the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and intervention, that began in September 2017, that included helping his body safely remove aluminium from his body:

Image of back prior to treatment

Congratulations to this man and his very patient and supportive wife for sticking to the plan! Natural therapies usually fail because people expect overnight results, or they dabble. These pleasing results, like breaking three hours for the marathon, come about through hard work, day after day, month after month.


(First published September 2017)

This is a report about four unusual cases of nasty infections. They have something in common that might surprise and shock you.

A hairdresser's fingers

Image: a hairdresser's finger. Her body is so toxic that pus begins to exude from her fingers at random intervals.


Disfiguring skin abscesses

Image: skin lesions that may be caused by the inflammatory aluminium adjuvants that are put in vaccines.


Sam's boil story

"There I was 23 years young, eating healthy, exercising regularly, feeling good, feeling energetic, believing I was healthy. Yet every few days a small red spot would appear only to either form a head quickly, pop and disappear or develop into a deep festering infection that would slowly run its cause over a period of 2 weeks bringing along with it pain, fever, fatigue, insecurity and resultant scarring.

I couldn’t work it out, what was I doing wrong? Why was this happening to me? My immunity up until now had been bulletproof - thanks to my rural upbringing - I had just finished uni - so my days as a glorified alcoholic were behind me - I was showering twice a day, even started bathing in surgical grade disinfectant twice weekly and most the food I was eating was being grown right in front of me.

So as anybody would do I sought advice from my GP. “It’s just a staph infection”, he told me, “you’re working on a farm so staph is everywhere, try these antibiotics and you should be right.” Sure enough, they disappeared for the length of the course, but two days after finishing the boils reared their mighty heads once more. So another visit, “oh it must be a persistent infection, try another course of stronger stuff and if this doesn’t work come back.” Sure enough, the same result as before. The third visit he prescribes a 3-month course of doxycycline and tells me “see how you go on these and see what happens when you’re taking it in comparison to not. If they come back it may just be that you have to take an antibiotic regularly, if you don’t want to get boils that is.” Am I really now, at 23 going to have to rely on a steady flow of antibiotics if I don’t want boils, really?

Here I am 24 years young, eating healthy, exercising regularly, feeling good, feeling energetic, now knowing I am on the road to great health.

Thanks to Gazza, my eyes have been opened to the nasty world of toxins and their brutal impact on our health. After 6 months of targeted supplements, the occurrence the boils have gotten less and less and now I’m getting only minor ones every few weeks which is awesome!

Cheers Gaz"


Sam is not alone in suffering these nasty skin issues. I have pulled the files of three other people with similar nasty skin issues and gained their permission to use their cases for this article.

These men and one woman are fascinating because one is a plumber, one a farmer another is a male nurse (I'm being a little vague to protect their identities), and the woman is a hairdresser. What all three have in common is evidence of exposure to some nasty toxins.

Please have a good look at each of their Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis reports (HTMA) below.


A tired plumber with weeping sores and boils all over his legs

Plumber's HTMA

This plumber's HTMA above indicates that he has been very lax with environmental exposures to many toxins, including arsenic, cadmium and Aluminium. He agrees and promised to take more care when around solvents, dust and other potential sources of contamination.

The elevated iron to copper ratio indicates the possibility of an undisclosed chronic infection of the protozoa bacterial or worm kind. This finding is common in men and women who work with their hands, get dirty, or with animals, such as farmers and plumbers.

Good things take time and there are no quick fixes:

"Hey, Gary, Everything is ok. I still get the red itchy spots every now and then. Hope all is well with you? catch up soon"

(Feedback from our plumber)

A young farmer (Sam) suffering constant outbreaks of disfiguring boils

Farmer's HTMA

Like our plumber, Sam's HTMA above indicates exposure to toxins, including arsenic cadmium, lead and aluminium (aluminium is used as an anti-caking agent in fertiliser).

As with the plumber, he has an elevated iron to copper ratio, indicating a chronic infection of the bacterial, protozoa or worm kind.

A nurse with mystery skin abscesses

Skin abscesses possibly from injected aluminium

Image: skin lesions that may be caused by the inflammatory aluminium adjuvants that are put in vaccines.

Here's the evidence: elevated aluminium on HTMA.

Nurse's HTMA

This HTMA above is of our very clean-living nurse. As with the plumber and farmer, his iron to copper ratio indicates a chronic infection deep in his body which is indeed the case.

He has consulted medical specialists who have been at a loss to explain his skin abscesses, all treatments have failed and everyone he has consulted is now at a loss about what to do next.

What is fascinating is the elevated aluminium of our nurse's HTMA. With careful questioning, the source came down to just one - vaccinations which are compulsory for his work (he does not live in New Zealand). Aluminium is an inflammatory adjuvant that is added to many vaccines. Injecting aluminium bypasses the body's natural protective barriers, such as skin and digestive tract. This is why even nano amounts of a potent toxin, such as aluminium may incredibly harmful when it is injected.

My conclusion is that he is most likely being poisoned by his employer.

A hairdresser with yellow and green puss coming out of her fingers