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Pus and Boil Stories: good news!

(Updated 20/11/21)

Here's how his back looks today; now go and take a look at what it used to be like!

Here's his skin now (2021)

If anybody tells you that natural therapies do not work and that the Interclinical Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is a waste of time and money, think twice!

They work and sometimes the results are spectacular. Read on.

"So here they are Gary! Much better! Mostly scars now some still active, if you can see to the left was a very long one that just oozed so much stuff! It’s still there and still lets out a bit, but so much better. He can actually wear shirts again without worrying about them bleeding through."

Image of back now into treatment

Here is what his back looked like prior to the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and intervention, that began in September 2017, that included helping his body safely remove aluminium from his body:

Image of back prior to treatment