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Why I do not recommend Fish Oil

Updated: Feb 20

People ask me all the time:

"Do you sell fish oil?"

"Do you recommend fish oil"

My answer is, "No! I do not recommend it and I have not sold it for years".

Please take a few moments to watch this short video:

Read this article from Nature Magazine:

Here is a local report on the Auckland University study:

When it comes to healthy alternatives, go for organic-farmed flax, olive and avocado oils. I really do like Waihi Bush Flax oil. A bottle is always on our table when serving meals. Drizzle it on just about anything during serving.

I'm especially keen to support Waihi Bush and their small organic suppliers. If we do not back them there is always the danger that they will be swallowed up, one-by-one by Big Farm with their lands converted to mega-dairy operations.

I have serious reservations about the sustainability of fishing worldwide. I therefore advocate sustainable alternatives, such as organically grown vegetable oils.

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