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Whistle-Blower Reveals Wellington's Tsunami of Jab-Related Deaths and Disease

Updated: Apr 26

(Updated (25 April 2023)

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This article by Dr Guy Hatchard has been one of the most read articles on my blog since COVID first hit the headlines. Several questions have been asked regarding the authenticity and accuracy of the information. In addition, it has been questioned how we are sure this massive surge in health problems is due to the vaccine and not the virus itself.

Dr Hatchard has written an article, responding to some of these questions, plus another article with further analysis of the leaked data. But first, I'll pose this challenge to all of my readers:

Show me one case of death arising from the COVID virus alone of a person in NZ who has never had one or more mRNA vaccines.

Of course, there will be one, but this will be someone who was about to meet their Maker anyway, and very early on. The people dying and being maimed these days are vaccinated. We need to accept that this country is suffering the equivalent of a wartime mass casualty event and we must wake up - stop denying the obvious - and start caring for these people and prevent more deaths.

Here are Dr Hatchard's articles:



The original article follows:

  • The number of heart attacks has doubled.

  • Hospitalisation for myocarditis is up by one-third (33% increase).

  • Miscarriage, stillbirths, and strokes are all up by a quarter (25% increase).

  • Acute kidney injury (AKI) is up by 40%.

If this is being repeated across the nation (a reasonable assumption), in the year April 2022 to March 2023 alone there will have been

  • 14,600 additional hospitalisations for heart attacks,

  • 9,700 additional cases of myocarditis,

  • 8,200 additional cases of kidney injury,

  • 1,600 additional miscarriages,

  • 1,800 additional stillbirths and

  • 10,500 additional strokes."

This is sensational information leaked from sources within our Government's health services. It comes as no surprise to me because, working at the coal face, I get to see and hear firsthand the carnage caused by these poisonous vaccines that do not prevent infection nor prevent transmission.

I consulted with a woman this morning suffering from significant health issues. She blames the jab. She was coerced into having three jabs to keep her job. She is now struggling to work, let alone do everything life demands. She cried as we talked. I offered hope and help. Medically, there is no offer of help for these unfortunate people - only denial, and sometimes a scolding.

Lovely people like her, countless thousands, have been beaten up by this government and its proxies, and now they suffer ill health. Alarmingly, we have no idea what the long-term consequences are.

This makes me so angry.

Yes, while I am typing I can hear the sirens as emergency services respond to yet another medical emergency in Wellington City below our home. The wail of sirens is almost non-stop these days.

I say this to Guy Hatchard and his anonymous whistle-blower:

Thank you for sharing the information that follows. You are patriots and heroes. We need more brave people like you. Keep the leaks coming: Turn them into firehoses of truth!

Te Whatu Ora are hiding the alarming figures—a tsunami of illness

An expose by Dr Guy Hatchard

An anonymous source has sent me some internal data from the health department. I am feeling as if stuck in the first few chapters of a dystopian novel. People are mysteriously falling sick and dying in large numbers. Everyone is looking over their shoulders and wondering if they are next in line. Slowly the realisation dawns that perhaps the authorities themselves have a dark secret they are trying to hide.

Excess deaths have been running at unprecedented levels for well over a year, hospital admissions are also at record levels and the health service is overwhelmed. For months we have been asking for data by disease category and vax status. From what data we do have, it appears that the vaccinated are being affected disproportionately. Against the evidence, the authorities and their experts stubbornly maintain that it must be due to Covid infection, rather than vaccination. They are calling for more mRNA vaccination, not less.