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The more you adhere to the “Covid restrictions”, the worse your mental health is!

Updated: Mar 14

cry for help

“Those who adhered most strictly to restrictions during the pandemic were most likely to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression, researchers at Bangor University found.

[…] However, people with an 'active' personality - who are more independent, competitive and like to be in charge of their own lives - were least likely to exhibit these behaviors.

The more people adhered to health advice during inclusion, the worse their well-being was after inclusion,” conclude Dr. Marley Willegers and his colleagues.

New Zealand is among the most affected when it comes to COVID restrictions and mental health. Beyond just COVID restrictions, there might be deeper reasons causing declining mental health. Some, like Dr Guy Hatchard, suggest that mRNA drugs might be playing a part in affecting the human genome: Read more about it here.

This is something to think about.

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