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The medical prescribing of steroids is bigger than in sport

Updated: Feb 25

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I am aware of the use of steroids by a couple of schoolboy rugby players in the Wellington Region but that was a few years ago. I doubt the problem has lessened. I have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

What is of greater concern is the widespread medical prescribing of steroids, such as Prednisone. These are in very widespread use. Steroids have a valuable place in medicine, but my impression is that, if a Dr or specialist is unsure what to do, then steroids will be prescribed as a kind of medical "cover-all". If taken for more than a few weeks these are highly addictive, very difficult to get off, and the possible side effects are a very long list, including organ failure leading to death.

A pile of prescription meds

Steroids include those found in asthma meds. The long term use of asthma meds leads to conditions like stunted growth, anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue, arthritis, osteoporosis, yeast and fungal infections, fibromyalgia, fragile tissue, including affecting the skin, adrenal and thyroid diseases.

Photo of pills in hand

You may note that most of these side effects are conveniently treated by prescribing yet more high-value meds with more side effects.

It is better to identify the root causes of ill health and to treat these without resorting to drugs. If not, we participate in the endless game of chasing symptoms and trying to suppress each one with yet another drug, all to the detriment of your health while threatening to bankrupt the nation due to sky-rocketing treatment costs.

While using non-drugs strategies for dealing with the root causes of ill-health do take time and may require changes to deeply ingrained habits, they can be incredibly effective with the only side effects being the following:

  1. Looking good and

  2. Feeling great!

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