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They have been Reading my Blog!

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Polar Bear

Well - maybe not, but it is reassuring to see the "Big Boys and Girls" are getting onto the same page as us as to how these viruses are transmitted.

Please read this article (thank you, Richard, for alerting me to this):

The take two home messages are:

  • Outdoors is great (especially in Windy Wellington)!

  • Indoors is not so great!

I have to thank Philip Hayward for being the one to bring this whole issue of aerosol transmission to our attention. Thank you, Philip.

These people have been listening!

On a related note: Isn't it wonderful to see fewer masks (and less fear) once again while out walking, running or cycling in that virus-free polar air that blasts Wellington and the rest of New Zealand? We can once again smile at each other and bid them a good day!

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