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Safeguarding Life's Sacred Code: Protecting DNA and Our Precious Planet

Updated: Apr 6



I have been pondering the concept of DNA being Nature's sacred instruction book for a while now. With the current National-ACT and NZ First Coalition taking office, the importance of understanding the intricacies of Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organisms has become more urgent. These two parties are proposing to loosen regulations around using these technologies in plants, animals, and humans in New Zealand.

It is up to us to take a step back, assess the effects of this move from scientific and ethical standpoints, and consider its impact not only on New Zealand, including the future of our agriculture sector, but on all life on this unique and special planet.

DNA: Life's Godscript:

In the vast tapestry of existence, DNA stands as the sacred "Godscript" – the divine code orchestrating the intricate dance of all living beings. Earth, our cherished home, cradles the most precious of treasures: the diverse tapestry of life. It's a symphony of genomes, where each organism plays a unique role. However, as we venture into the realm of technological advancements, we must reflect on the wisdom of our forebears — the cautionary tales of human hubris attempting to assume the mantle of God.

Age-Old Wisdom:

Throughout civilisations, from ancient to modern times, wisdom endures: the arrogance of humans aspiring to the divine. This arrogance finds no clearer manifestation than in audacious scientists who believe they can enhance the essence of life by tampering with the Godscript itself — DNA.

The Universal Symphony of DNA:

One of the most profound revelations of modern science is the universality of DNA. It intertwines with all life forms, from the mightiest to the most minuscule, within the strands of a shared genetic code. Moreover, we now understand, via the writings of experts such as Dr Guy Hatchard, that this Godscript transcends species, extending to the intricate exchange of genetic information through the food we ingest and the DNA we inhale with each breath.

The Pandora's Box of Genetic Manipulation:

Given these insights, we must tread with

Care and caution. The arrogance of mad scientists who dare to tamper with life's Godscript has enormous perils that may be impossible to reverse, once released. Consequences may only become apparent generations later, akin to a haunting echo through time. For instance, genetic damage from substances like Agent Orange, marked by the emergence of cancers, manifests in the grandchildren of Vietnam War veterans. It serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of genetic interference.

Genetic modification is a double-edged sword that calls for extremely careful handling. Unleashing the Genie of Genetic Modification could have far-reaching, unforeseen repercussions for life on our cherished planet.

In Conclusion:

As stewards of Earth and custodians of the divine code of life, we must heed the sanctity of DNA. It's the Godscript guiding each organism's existence and harmonising life's symphony.

Our role isn't that of divine creators, but of protectors and preservers of life's intricate balance on our planet.

So, let us embrace the wisdom of our ancestors, while exercising commonsense, and safeguarding the sacred code that binds us all, guaranteeing a future where the symphony of life continues to flourish.

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Ernest Gibbs
Oct 17, 2023

Thanks Gary, you have expressed the fathomless depths of the Godscript of DNA with such lyrical power, giving us a sense of its wonder and power, as part of the miracle of nature. We must tread with circumspection in our attempts to understand it, and use that knowledge in joining the dots of a thoughtful lifestyle of what we know by nurture and nature will give us the most robust paths to good health and longevity.

These mad scientists with their vain imagination must cease to tinker with this miracle of life/DNA - because that's all they are doing - in their misguided, unholy and corrupt endeavours to play God, as you have stated. They think they are wise, knowin…


Oct 17, 2023

Bravo Gary! We tamper with DNA at our peril.Unfortunately the new PM is all for the advancement of this industry here in NZ.

For anyone who hasn't watched the excellent documentary " Let Us Spray " fronted by Melanie Reid, I highly recommend searching it out. It highlights this very topic.

" Unbalanced? "... Yeah right...

It's quite hard to find, but still here at a friend's channel

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