• Gary Moller

Questions about Calcium, Magnesium and Dairy

I received this query from a health professional who has completed a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) for herself:

".. with regard to calcium and magnesium.  When I have low calcium compared to magnesium why am I taking more magnesium than calcium?  

Also, my HTMA report says to eat 33% dairy which as I mentioned I don't (and haven't for years) as it gives me acne.  Also, I brought The Calcium Lie from you.  Also, I teach people that eating dairy is not the solution to getting more calcium.  Have attached 2 slides.  

So a bit confused!"

The case against milk

Lactose intolerance

Her HTMA Nutritional Elements Chart is reproduced with her permission.

Metabolic Typing

The first thing to take note of is her Metabolic Typing is "Fast 4" which is associated with being in a chronic state of stress and exhaustion that may have become ingrained over many years or a recent period of extreme and unrelenting stress. You can learn more about metabolic typing and how it presents on the HTMA here: