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Oh Dear — We've been threatened with prosecution!

Due to Medsafe's regulations (the Medicines Act, 1981), we were required to remove our Endomet products from display and sale.

We received this notification a few weeks ago and it's caused significant difficulties since these dietary supplements are crucial to our ARL Laboratories' HTMA testing and reporting procedures. As a result, our newly established initiatives, like the Precision Health Testing website, were impacted, leading to complications and causing us to fall behind on our customer services.

To avoid similar interruptions and upheavals in the future, legislative changes are the most effective solution for the natural health industry. We're currently focusing on this by supporting the repeal of the Therapeutic Products Act, and its replacement with legislation that's fit for purpose. As time allows, I'll be sharing multiple articles on this topic to pave the way. For example, read this article, and please share it with other people:

In case you're our customer and your HTMA report has recommended using Endomet products, or you are in need of a refill, there's no need to be concerned. Simply email me. We have suitable alternatives for you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please take a few minutes to read this article:

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