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Is it safe to take Coenzyme Q10 with blood pressure medication?

Pills on spoons

I received this message:

"I have used vitamins for years with no problems, and today I was in the chemist and went to buy some CoQ10. I have used it for years, and in this particular bottle, it was on special at a reasonable price reduction but also had Vit D3 in.

The lady asked me if I had my Drs approval to ensure it didn't conflict with the medication I take? I said I had taken it for years with no problems. The lady said she would check with the chemist against my medication which is for high blood pressure.

I have heard that they are discouraging people from using vitamins now, so I found it very interesting to have had this experience today for the first time."

This email is the second message of this kind to come my way this week. So, it would appear that something is up. There is a war on nutrition and health. This war includes a campaign to undermine any solution for improving and maintaining health other than a drug. This war has been going on for years, with perfectly safe nutritional supplements being progressively banned and removed from our shelves. However, the COVID Pandemic Response has taken this campaign to the Next Level:

  • They have silenced integrative and holistic doctors. The brave few who have spoken out have had their reputations publicly trashed, and some have lost their jobs.

  • There have been zero health messages.

  • Any remedies, for the virus, other than patented medicines that have proven effectiveness have been either banned or restricted.

  • They are taking the opportunity the Pandemic presents to come down hard on the natural health industry - full-stop!

They want us to be unhealthy. Being unhealthy is excellent for business. Healthy people are bad for business. Big Pharma wants you to be sick from the cradle to the grave. How long and how well you live is irrelevant to their business model. What matters to them is enslaving your body and emptying your pockets by the time you die. This pillaging includes emptying our Government's coffers.

Your best response to this sick and exploitive behaviour is not to play their game:

  • Invest in your health through moderate exercise.

  • Eat fresh whole foods.

  • Engage with your community.

  • Ignore their fear-mongering.

  • Only take medication when it is needed and only for the shortest time for it to do the job, and

  • Take supplementation where indicated.