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Healthy Recipes by Hadley

Updated: Feb 21

More than just about anything else, I am asked if I can supply recipes to support the nutrition advice that comes with Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses (HTMA). The difficulty with fulfilling these requests is every person is very special. Some can not have milk products, others are gluten-free, or can not tolerate eggs. Some people love to eat organ meats like liver, whereas others won't have a bar of them! We have vegans and carnivores to cater for. And we must also bear in mind a person's ethnicity, their family and their traditional foods. On top of that, the HTMA may recommend specific food items to be either increased or avoided.

It's complicated!

But there might be a reasonable solution.

My friend, Hadley Fierlinger, of Wellington, is a wonderful cook of healthy ethnic foods. She even runs cooking classes!

If you are wondering what to cook tonight, Hadley has the recipe for you! Check her website here:

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