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Expect delays in deliveries

Updated: Feb 25

Expect Courier delays as New Zealand changes from level 4 to level 3

There's a huge backlog about to be released
There's a huge backlog about to be released

We have been informed by our courier companies that there may be additional delays of up to 3-6 days on domestic deliveries (depending on your location) throughout NZ in the initial period as we step down to level 3 alert level. There is a lot of backlogged freight that will be released into the delivery system from Tuesday next week (level 3) onwards that has not been able to be delivered as it was considered non-essential goods during level 4. In addition, there will be many companies that can now operate online in level 3 that could not operate previously in level 4 and this will add further pressure to NZ courier systems.


We have been approved as an essential service provider by MBIE

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GoldQuest Limited Reference Number: MBIEEB-2010

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