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Endometriosis and Oxidative Stress

Updated: Apr 5

Whether male or female, you must carefully read this article, especially if you want to start a family.

You may have endometriosis driven by oxidative stress if you suffer any of the following symptoms. In addition, excessive oxidative stress may contribute to male infertility. This is highly relevant today because the spike protein that is generated in a person's cells for many months, if not longer, following mRNA vaccination is exceptionally inflammatory.

symptoms of endometriosis

Now, please set aside some quiet time to carefully read this article by Outraged Human, which lists and explains the research evidence for the role of oxidative stress in the genesis of endometriosis and infertility while pointing to solutions:

If you suspect what Outraged Human describes applies to you or a loved one, the good news is I have the natural health solutions referred to in the research, and I know how to work these in, so they are complementary to any medication you may be taking.

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