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Natural Health Products are under threat!

Updated: Feb 15

The Natural Health Industry, including the services offered by us (Alofa and Gary) is facing serious threats from a number of directions. The most immediate and most serious Threat is the Natural Health Products Bill which is in its 3rd and final reading in Parliament. 3rd and final reading means its as good as a done deal.

It was quietly sneaked through its consultative stages, such that we were unaware of its dire implications until just a few months ago. It came as a huge shock when we realised what this Bill had hidden within it's detail.

If these threats are not countered then your ability to take responsibility for your own health and make your own decisions from a range of effective and safe natural health products and therapies will be seriously diminished, if not destroyed.

You can learn more by visiting the Natural Health Alliance's website here which I have an active role with. Please take some time to read about our history and about our legislative goals. You will realise that our goals are positive and consumer-oriented, unlike the current legislation which is anti New Zealand business and very bad for the New Zealand consumer.

We are now well organised, funded and beginning fighting an effective rear-guard action. With your help we can win. You can help simply by subscribing to the Alliance's email updates (you can see the subscription box at the bottom of any of the Alliance's website pages).

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