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Dietary Supplements in the Time of COVID-19

Updated: Mar 8

Here we are: more convincing evidence for the use of dietary supplements for offering some protection from the worst consequences of COVID-19.


Despite the evidence in their own report, these people still can't resist trying to put us off doing things for self-help when we need every tool at our disposal:

“Data are insufficient to support recommendations for or against the use of any vitamin, mineral, herb or other botanical, fatty acid, or other dietary supplement ingredient to prevent or treat COVID-19.”

Poor nutrition is most evident in the communities who are at greatest risk of COVID-19. These are those living in poverty, Maori and Pacific people, the unwell and the elderly. Taking GST off fresh produce and taking sugar and junk food would be a brilliant start. But they won't do any of this. They have cleared the way for one remedy only; just one way out of our prison and that is the vaccine. Nothing is being done to improve the health of our people. We need to demand much more and better from our leaders.

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