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Curing the Incurable

Updated: Feb 25

"Gary, the vitamins you gave me for the peripheral neuropathy have now reduced my pain and burning by 70%. In fact, the burning is almost gone. Unbelievable really."

(name supplied)

What really encourages me to keep going with our work are the wonderful results that happen, sometimes for conditions that are considered, medically, to be incurable, progressive and all that can be done is to "manage" the symptoms with drugs, or with surgery to remove the diseased organ or appendage.

It can be astonishing how health sometimes improves, just by giving the person a few cheap nutrients. Sometimes, such as for this woman suffering extremely debilitating and progressive peripheral neuropathy, we hit the nail right smack on the head. Of course, she has every reason to be delighted. What I have told her, though, is nothing is ever "cured", the job is always far from finished and not to let her foot off the throat of her mystery assailant for at least the rest of the year, of not for the rest of her life.

Of course, we do not "cure" or heal anything and never claim to, so the title of this post is a little misleading. Nothing is cured but I kind of liked the title. The body and mind heals itself of trauma or disease, not the external expert or the drug that is administered, except perhaps in the case of an infection that is treated by antibiotics. Healing comes from within. All that the external expert (healer) can do is encourage and nurture this genetically programmed drive to heal and to keep in a state of good health for the duration of our lives.

The keys to improving health, even when it appears there is no hope are the following

  1. Do the right testing to determine the Root Causes. In most cases, the Interclinical Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA).

  2. Be guided by the evidence gained, intervene in a gentle and nurturing way - no Big Hits or Single Shot Wonders!

  3. Understand, with most chronic health issues, if not all, that there is no such thing as "The Cure". The hunt for the Cure is a lie promulgated by the drugs industry and very much for their burgeoning profits. Success, good health, comes from attending to a hundred-and-one lifestyle and nutritional factors - not one. There is not a drug or a vaccine to cure what may be the results of a lifetime of poor habits or dietary imbalances.

  4. Be consistent, be patient and be persistent and do not panic. Most chronic health issues have developed over many years. It is not going to suddenly kill you overnight, just because it has now been given a medical label. Turning it around to restore good health is also not an overnight process. The interventions that work take months and even years to have a significant and lasting benefit and the job may never be finished - such is life! And leaving the most important one until last:

  5. Act 20 years before any disease takes manifests. This is the Big One when it comes to ensuring a long, healthy, productive and satisfying life. This is where Root Cause testing, such as with HTMA is so valuable, especially when family history is taken into account. Waiting until AFTER you have a medically diagnosed full-blown disease is leaving things far too late. By the way, while early is always best, it is never too late to intervene.

Gary's HTMA last year
Gary's HTMA last year

The HTMA to the right is for me from last year. While I am in excellent health, I'm anticipating some things that could go wrong years from now and acting to lessen the chances of them ever happening. Here are just a few things I need to deal with:

  • High calcium is associated with diseases like heart disease, chronic fatigue,fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal diseases, dementia and arthritis.

  • High sodium and potassium is a sign that I'm under too much stress and must take things easier, like do less work and less exercise!

  • Low copper is associated with exhaustion, heart disease and nervous conditions like Parkinsons and Motor Neurone disease.

  • Low zinc is associated with yeast, viral and fungal infections, depression, poor concentration, poor digestion and slow healing.

  • High chromium is associated with diabetes.

Gary's Most recent HTMA

My latest test shows some successes and some failures, so I have had to refocus once again:

  • Calcium is doing a runner, so I must do more to get it under control. This is a priority for the year ahead.

  • My stress management is better (more naps and our last child has left home).

  • Copper and zinc have improved.

  • Chromium has come down into line.

By methodically tackling what are risk factors, so that they are minimised, I am doing the best I can to remain in excellent health and it is working. My only health issues ever have been the result of accidents and infections. Recovery from all of these has been fast and complete.

Handy Tip: In theory, if all of the elements on the Nutritional Elements Chart are within the "Reference Range" and if the Toxic Elements Chart is clean, then there can be no disease. The reference ranges represent perfect health.

So, the goal, always, is to nudge everything into the Reference Range. As you might gather from my test results, this is pretty much an impossible goal - the Holy Grail.

It is probably impossible for most of us, especially for people like me, for two reasons:

  1. From about 30 years we are all beginning to get "old". Ageing is the process of cellular systems falling into increasing states of chaos, eventually resulting in complete systems failure (AKA death). This is a process that nobody, not even the rich and famous can avoid. All we can do is act to slow the process. By the way, I call it "healthy life extension" as opposed to the so-called "Anti-Aging" medicine which is code for hormones, drugs and surgical therapies that only offer a brief facade of youthfulness.

  2. As we feel better and more energetic as the nutrition and lifestyle measures begin to work their magic, silly human-beings, me included, mess it all up by taking on more and more exhausting challenges and adventures when we really should be taking it easy. We switch from the lazy luxury cruise to something crazy like cycling the length of New Zealand in less than a couple of weeks! Or how about running the Grand Canyon unsupported? I have friends who have done these. Actually, more than a few of my friends are cycling the length of New Zealand right now. Not for me.

I'm much more sensible than them. Here is what I got up to last Sunday, duking it out with the young men and women of cyclocross. Don't worry, it was quite safe riding a bike over the car wreck, so long as you did not fall off! I'm not sure if the safety rails were made to any official construction standard, but nobody seemed to care.

Gary negotiating car wreck during bike race
Photo by Trina Aiono

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2 opmerkingen

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
16 mei 2020

Philip, I really appreciate your comments and insight.

Here is an earlier article which begins with feedback from this person. You can see that this is a recovery that has taken place over the years. Good on her and good on you Philip!


Philip Hayward
16 mei 2020

Great to hear of someone getting this help. Fibromyalgia is a wicked condition, it is a diagnosis that is really a "symptom", pain and sensitivity at a number of specific locations. But the range of debilitations that each patient suffers from can differ, but there are always many. And I doubt that anyone is truly understanding how debilitated sufferers are, including the sufferers themselves. Gary knows me, I've been slowly improving from Fibromyalgia for seven years now after spending 25 years slowly getting worse. I believe that the longer you have spent getting worse, the longer it will take to wind back the condition once you do discover the regimen that works for you. Also, the more self-helps and remedies…

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