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COVID19 - It is time to start opening up New Zealand

Updated: Feb 28


We really need to get a move on with opening up this country.

Read this

"The Results

The Argentinian study team reported that the study data revealed that of the participants in the control group (e.g. not taking the study drug combination) 58% of the participants were infected with COVID-19 during the duration of the trial. The study team reported no contagions were recorded in the carrageenan and ivermectin arm, showcasing the compounds’ virucidal effects can potentially protect against COVID-19.

The study’s primary endpoint in a 30 day time period was “Reduction in contagion” for health personnel. The study team established in the protocol that the average desertion worldwide was established at 27%. The study team established that the aim would be to “reduce dramatically” and assuming these claims are factual the results are striking. Out of 788 self-administered from the intervention arm, not one person fell ill to SARS-CoV-2.

The team also reported that “both molecules accumulate in the salivary glands, so they have the potential to prevent viral spread by asymptomatic patients by inactivating the viral particles in the saliva.”

In case you are wondering what carageenan is:

Here is how we go about safely opening up the country:

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