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COVID19: As Sweden moves towards herd immunity and freedom, we remain trapped

Updated: Feb 28

The rush is on for herd immunity
The rush is on for herd immunity

The following article by Swedish physician, Sebastian Rushworth, is a timely piece for anyone who wishes to understand how our immune system defends us from infections such as COVID19.

Among other things, Dr Rushworth explains how one can have immunity to a bug but still be "re-infected". How and why this happens is very important to understand because some experts with the help of some media are beating this up as some kind of dramatic, unusual and terrifying quality of COVID19 that makes it some kind of super bug which it is not. These experts and their lackeys need to be fired for what is either gross professional ignorance or scurrilous fear-mongering.

In my series of articles about how to Escape our COVID19 Prison I argue that we can achieve what Sweden has done which is to achieve herd immunity to COVID19 but to do so with one huge difference: no extra deaths due to COVID. We can do it. The Swedish experience, plus what else we have learned about this virus shows us how.

Thank goodness for Sweden the Brave!


Dr Rushworth writes:

“Only a minority of people in Sweden have antibodies, so they can’t have herd immunity!” That is the most common argument I’ve been hearing for why Sweden can’t have achieved herd immunity. This is in spite of the fact that the rates of hospitalizations and deaths have dropped continuously since the peak in April, and are now stable at basement levels.

The argument is also made in spite of the fact that the most recent currently available antibody data (showing that 19% in parts of Stockholm had antibodies and 7% in Sweden as a whole had antibodies) is three months old or older. And in terms of covid spread, three months is an eternity.

A study that was carried out in Japan over the summer, looking at the...."

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