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A Great Weekend at the Races!

Updated: Apr 5

Gary on the podium

Saturday was the NZ Cyclocross Championships, hosted by Southern Cyclocross in Christshurch. I won my category for the tenth year, finishing one lap ahead of my two rivals, which is satisfying, and the reward of 20 years of smart investment in health. What I'm demonstrating here, is most of the decrements we attribute to ageing are misplaced and are, in fact, controllable factors such as nutritional imbalances, toxic exposures, poor injury management and the deleterious side effects of most medicines.

While the field for the 70+ age group is rapidly thinning, as it must inevitably, I think of us as the toughest roosters remaining in the fight of life — battle-hardened, but still going strong. Cycling is a tough sport and it isn't without the risk of serious injury. These guys I'm up against are serious athletes — the toughest of the tough — so keeping my nose in front of them is a proud achievement.

Results for the NZ Cyclocross Championships - Masters 5 Category

Results for Gary Moller

Results for Gary Moller

I finished the nationals feeling like I could have kept going at the same pace for a few more rounds, if not more. Additionally, the race the following day was even better because I was late for the start, so ended up starting at the rear of 71 riders, which is an exciting handicap! Despite the challenge of getting past dozens of riders, I rode at a pace significantly faster than the day before, going from 72nd to 4th at the finish (my average per lap was 8:11 on Sunday, compared to 8:25 the day before, so my stamina and recovery are looking good).

Results for the Christchurch Cyclocross on Sunday - B Grade

Sundays results for Gary Moller
Results for Gary Moller

I'm using cyclocross to gain the speed and intensity to contest the UCI Masters Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships early next month. I'm aiming to win my category and the fitness is there! My lap times, and the pace each lap was chopped out indicates good stamina, including the consistent lap times, two days in a row, from start to finish. This is what I need to win the marathon worlds.

Bring on the Worlds!

Here are details for the UCI MTB Masters Marathon World Championships:

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