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A clarification about Vitamin C consumption

Our wholesale suppliers have been cleaned out of Vitamin C. In the absence of official advice about what people can do to ensure their families have robust immune systems, people are doing what they think is best by stocking up on vitamin C and taking large daily doses.

The Government and its health officials are missing in action on this matter.

I'm stepping in to help fill the void with some sensible and practical guidance.

There is a lot that a person can be doing right now to put the odds a little more in their favour of an infection, including Covid-19, being mild rather than life-threatening. Supporting immune health is so important for everyone, especially for the elderly and anyone with compromised immune health.

Isolation is our first defence, good health is our back up.

How much Vitamin C should we be taking?

A healthy person does not need to take any more than 500 mg of any kind of vitamin C supplement. This is on top of a diet that contains fresh fruit and berries.

Actually, if you are eating berries daily like a cup of fresh or 1-2 teaspoons of freeze-dried blackcurrant, you will not benefit from any supplementary C. better still, add the blackcurrant powder to this cheap recipe and you are covered for C and various potent bioflavonoids.

Please refer to the lemon drink recipe here:

Chronic, excess vitamin C may interfere with other nutrients

Periodic Table and Major Nutritional Relationships
Periodic Table and Major Nutritional Relationships

Refer to the Periodic Table above, paying attention to the antagonists in the right-hand column.

All nutritional elements, as well as nutrients such as vitamin C, have their "Goldilocks Zone".

Not too much and not too little - just right!
  • Too much vitamin C may cause a magnesium deficiency.

  • Too much vitamin C may delete copper.

  • Too much vitamin C may deplete selenium.

  • Too much vitamin C may cause iron overload.

Sujon Blackcurrant
Sujon Blackcurrant