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This is the biggest threat to our health in 2019

Updated: Feb 19

When reviewing 2018, it was a very good year for my family. They are all healthy, fit and happy. I could not ask for more than that.

Gary Moller and Alofa Kosena

It was a very good year for me, personally.

I celebrated my 24th year of being engaged to the love of my life, Alofa Kosena.

I became a pensioner - sorry - wrong term - I am now a professional athlete with funding from the Government.

I became the UCI Mountain Bike 65+ world champion.

I'm super-fit and in excellent health. My heart pumps efficiently and my joints do not squeak or grind. My brain seems to be working okay.

We work like we never worked before but we can choose the work we do nowadays. If we want to work.

I sure can't complain about how things are going.

However, there are ongoing threats to our health and well-being, especially that of our children and we are rapidly losing ground.


Something is very wrong: the more we spend on health, the less healthy we are becoming


I'm a hyper-vigilant grandparent these days. Yes, I'm protective of my children and their children.

One challenge in health promotion is assessing when the benefits of a preventive measure sufficiently outweigh the risks of the procedure. When it comes to getting this right on the behalf of our children I want a BIG safety margin. "First do no harm" must be ruthlessly applied to any medical procedure that is given to a healthy child, including my offspring.

This is from the product insert for a brand new vaccine which a 6 x disease-prevention combo:

“Rates of adverse reactions varied by number of doses of Vaxelis received. The solicited adverse reactions 0-5 days following any dose were irritability (≥55 percent), crying (≥45 percent), injection site pain (≥44 percent), somnolence (≥40 percent), injection site erythema (≥25 percent), decreased appetite (≥23 percent), fever ≥38.0°C (≥19 percent), injection site swelling (≥18 percent), and vomiting (≥9 percent).”1

Am I right in assuming that ~50% and possibly more, of the children injected, suffered some kind of side effect? Is that right? Please help me because the figure seems astonishingly high.

The comparison with the control vaccine is equally interesting.

Refer Section 6 here:

By the way, somnolence, irritability, crying, loss of appetite and vomiting remind me of my checklist for brain trauma such as may be suffered from being punched in the face. That worries me.

As I have said many times in the past, I'm not anti-vaccine, I've been vaccinated, but I do worry that we are swamping our kid's immune systems with far too many different ones. Giving a child so many vaccines, plus multiple boosters at once and even more over their first few years, is just not the way a child's immune system was designed to deal with viruses and bugs.

Being protective of my children I'm in favour of giving vaccines one at a time, with care, when healthy and robust and only for the most relevant and most life-threatening ones - of which there are only a few. But what I want runs against the vaccine trends and I'm being inconvenient for those whose job it is to administer them.


A child's health should not be compromised for the sake of profit and convenience


It has been predicted that Big Pharma vaccines sales will top US$25 billion by 2025. They won't be happy with people like me who are asking for moderation: we threaten their profits and they have a lot of money to promote their cause, whereas we have none. I really do worry about what we are doing to our children as we allow them to be exponentially injected with these things. Will they be healthier? Will we be healthier and more prosperous as a country - will be healthier as a species?

One fact that is clear to even the most casual observer is that healthcare costs are spiralling out of control in just about every developed country. It seems that the more we spend, the less healthy we are becoming. Something is fundamentally wrong with how we are approaching health. The current, profit-driven health-care system profits from sickness. It does not profit from improving health.


Profits come from people who are sick from the cradle to the grave: good health threatens corporate profits


We need fundamental change, but this is unlikely, the way things are and where they are heading. Things are going to get much worse before they begin to get better.

Health, including a robust immune system that resists disease comes principally from a clean environment and fresh, nutrient-dense food. Clean water, effective waste disposal, refrigeration and good housing have done more for improving public health than any medical procedure, although antibiotics and vaccines are getting up there, but these latter two are at the bottom of the cliff. We need to concentrate on top of the cliff measures.

Nutrition is the one BIG measure that has suffered greatly over the last few decades as Big Food and Big Agriculture, in collusion with Big Pharma and Big Medicine have dominated the landscape. The food we are feeding our children is depleted of nutrients while being soaked in sugar and chemicals such as stabilisers, preservatives, flavourings, colourings and emulsifiers - and even agrichemicals such as glyphosate. It is becoming overwhelming for parents to know what to feed their children. Consequently, the depletion and imbalance of nutrients is now showing in children when tested.

Herbal Medicine

Health therapies that are based on nutrition are under threat, possibly because you can not patent a natural substance such as a herb, nor an element of the universe such as iodine or zinc. The big money is in patent medicines - not from prescribing herbs, minerals and good food. There is the possibility that natural health therapists will soon be legislated out of existence, leaving the consumer no health choices other than the patent medicine. We are resisting but it is a very one-sided and steep uphill battle against powerful opponents with unlimited resources.

Last year I was subjected to an investigation by the authorities following an official complaint that I was making false health claims. I have been prominent in the campaign against the big-business-sponsored Natural Health Products Bill which was subsequently withdrawn with the change of Government. Last year I also had a lot about increasing concerns about the adverse health effects of water fluoridation.

You know, health, as a field of science is a never-ending area of debate and nothing is ever final. There is a more than 70% chance that what we thought was right today will later be looked on as being rather quaint and some with horror - like how we now regard the near universal medical practices of purging and blood-letting that were still in practice early last century. Vaccines, fluoridation, statins, bisphosphonates and any other of the medical Holy Cows of today are not to be exempted from scrutiny, although Big Pharma would like that to be the case.

The timing of the complaint by Jonathan Harper of Wellington that I was making false health claims had me wondering if it was a cowardly act of reprisal for my being outspoken and intended to threaten my livelihood (Harper's name was on the complaint form that was sent to me).

While the complaint was eventually put to rest, it had the potential to cost us a lot of money and even more time and to be no end of distraction from more important matters, like riding my bike. I was not surprised to be targeted in this way but it was an unpleasant experience. Being subjected to underhand tactics like these are to be expected when putting one's head above the parapets of the health system. I can understand why most health professionals keep their personal opinions to themselves. I am less vulnerable to being hurt by these dirty tactics nowadays because I'm past the retirement age and we are financially independent. It is that time of life to be a little more forth-right about some things that matter.

2019 is going to be a very good year. There is much to do.

If you are interested in learning more about the struggle to keep your health freedom and find information about the power of nutrition and natural therapies, I've listed a few of my favourite organisations below that you can subscribe to. It costs you nothing but subscribing to them adds weight to their causes and you'll learn a lot about health from them.

For example, Greenmed has the most comprehensive research database about natural health and nutritional therapies.

Have a wonderful year everyone!

NZ Natural Health Alliance

USA Alliance for Natural Health

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