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We have a new business!

Updated: Feb 16

It has been a long time coming! Alofa and I have the awesome job of setting up Interclinical laboratories New Zealand.

Interclinical New Zealand

Interclinical Laboratories provides the 'Gold Standard' of hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA), along with a range of custom trace nutrient and nutraceutical formulations.

I have dedicated the last 15 years to thoroughly understanding how to interpret this HTMA and how to apply it in the clinical setting for wide-ranging needs such as managing a terminal illness, having a baby, getting over Glandular Fever, enjoying old age, preparing for the Olympics and even rowing a boat from Singapore to Australia, followed by riding a bike across the continent, then attempting to row the Tasman! It is an interesting job, for sure!


Understanding this test, then steadily plugging away at what was needed to be done, year after year, has been key to my personal renaissance as a healthy person and athlete.


The decision by our Australian parent company to have us establish an independent New Zealand operation is one of the best endorsements we could ever have of what we have been doing over the last 10-15 years in health promotion.

Furthermore, Interclinical has given us permission to introduce and trial a number of innovations that make use of digital technologies so that we can deliver Interclinical Laboratories' services in a more timely manner, like twice as quickly, and for lower prices to the Practitioner and their Patients, and with better support.

This has kept us very busy for the last two months, including building a lovely website that is dedicated to Registered Health Professionals:

Nothing will change for our patients and customers. We will continue to look after you. What we will be doing is gradually reducing the number of new people we take on from now. We have hundreds of health professionals to look after and we need to grow the business, but you will not be neglected.

So much for retirement, folks!

Gary and Alofa

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