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Clean water for our family

Our new drinking water supply

The trend in New Zealand is for all of our municipal water supplies to be both chlorinated and fluoridated. The move for the chlorination of all supplies is the response to recent cases of mass infection and some deaths due to bacterial contamination of municipal waters by farm animal waste.

Image: Left to right - Wilma, Alofa and Lagi enjoying

a glass of clean, healthy water

Fluoridation of water is fast becoming mandatory for all municipal supplies in New Zealand. This is with the really dumb notion that our nation's rampant problem of tooth decay will somehow be alleviated by dousing everyone in toxic fluoride compounds.

There is a kind of institutional madness going on here: instead of doing more to prevent the poop from getting in the water in the first place, or getting the excess sugar out of our food, authorities are using toxic chemicals to try to alleviate the consequences of dirty water and sugar-saturated diets. It's nuts.

Both chlorine and fluorine are extremely toxic to all forms of life. Nobody can argue against this.


The only reason why these toxins do not kill the people who drink the water is because they are much bigger pests than most bugs!


Being halides, chlorine and fluorine, along with their companion, bromine, have a direct suppressing effect on iodine, hence the association of these toxic elements with thyroid disease, fatigue, weight gain and about 100 other ailments. Fluorine is a NEUROTOXIN which is not in dispute. That's why terrorists, despots and dictators use it to make the nerve gas, Sarin, to drop on their citizens. The only thing that is still being disputed is at what level of toxicity in the water does the brain damage from fluoride becomes a problem! This is simply nuts.


If you drop a fluoride bomb on your citizens, this is called a 'Crime Against Humanity'! whereas if you put it in the water supply, it's called a 'Health Measure"!


We argue that there is no safe lower limit for fluoride.

Refer the halides, F, Cl, Br, I and At column 2nd far right

Image: Refer to the halides, F, Cl, Br, I and At - column 2nd far right

With this in mind, our family have decided to stop drinking chlorinated and fluoridated water. Effective a few months ago. Here is how we did it:

Our simple rainwater collection system