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My Opinion about Krill Oil

Updated: Feb 17

People ask me my opinion about krill oil for health. My answer is always the same. I do not recommend krill oil, never have and never will.

I don't recommend fish oil either, most of which appears to be rancid. A perfectly good replacement for these environmentally destructive sources of Omega 3 oil is Waihi Bush Flax Oil which is organically and sustainably grown in South Canterbury.

Waihi Bush Flax Balance

The fish and krill industries are multi-billion dollar operations worldwide. Organic flax oil farmers, on the other hand, are minnows by comparison, often forming co-ops to process and market their produce. Flax oil farmers can never compete against the industrial might of the fishing industry. The fishing industry can commission research by the volumes to prove the 'superiority' of their environmentally destructive products and they have the might to buy all the support they need from so-called nutrition experts and from the media. The flax industry hasn't got a show, regardless of how beneficial their products might be. Don't always believe the hype, even if it is backed by the 'experts' and supported by peer-reviewed research.

Hoovering up krill by the countless thousands of tons threatens to bring about the catastrophic destruction of the largest biomass on the planet.

Most of this krill ends up as fish meal that is then used for industrial-style cattle and fish farming - the dirtiest and most unnatural way to raise these creatures.

This article by the Sea Shepherd Organisation pretty much sums up my position:

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