• Gary Moller

She wanted to hide her face

Eczema Before

"My daughter had been getting very tired and her energy levels dropping.

I originally just put this down to a growth spurt but noticed that the simple things became hard and she wasn’t concentrating and focusing on things as she used to. Even her sports that she usually excelled at were dropping off. I thought maybe we were getting her to do too much, it really makes you question everything.

She had been fighting eczema on and off since she was little but all of a sudden it came out with a vengeance and worse than anything I’d ever seen before.

Right Arm Before

All over her arms but then also around her mouth, eyes and forehead. I’d lost count how many different creams I’d tried and how many visits to the doctor we had made over the years. It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. I had spent hundreds of dollars trying every recommendation that someone would throw my way. When you love your child you’ll do anything to make their pain and insecurities go away.

Yes, she was even wanting to hide her face. This broke my heart, we had hit an all new low. What else could I possibly do? It wasn’t long when I confided in a work colleague who told me about Gary. Even though he was in Wellington and we in Hamilton we met via Skype and got the whole program going.