• Gary Moller

Please Vote for Allison Roe

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Allison Roe at the NZ Champs track and field.
Here's Allison #107, just behind Tina Wild. I think this is the New Zealand Championships, not sure of the distance or date but this was back when NZ women were on top of the world. My sister, Lorraine, is in the black, Waikato uniform, just behind Auckland's Barbara Moore. I do not know who won but I'm assuming that Lorraine is preparing to pounce! Later, in 1981, Allison won both the Boston Marathon and New York City Marathon, becoming the second of only two women to accomplish the feat in the same year. In Boston, she ran 2:26:46.

It is Local Body and Area Health Board elections time here in New Zealand. For those of you who are following my articles, you will gather that I am firmly of the view that our current sickness-centric approach to health is an abject failure that threatens to bankrupt our country.

While we may feel powerless as individuals, that is not true because we are still a democracy and we still have our votes. Who we vote to represent us on our Health Boards can make a difference, but only if we identify those candidates who understand what real health is and then we must vote them in.

One candidate who has the goods is our long-time family friend, Allison Roe. She is going for the Waitemata District Health Board. I can not vote for her, but you might be able to.

Here is Allison's 150-word manifesto