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More about Fluoridation

Updated: Feb 19

Do you want fluoride in your water?
Do you want fluoride in your water?

A lot has happened since a study was published in JAMA about the possible link between fluoride intake during pregnancy and lower IQ in offspring. What hasn't changed is the stance of our New Zealand fluoridation experts and enthusiasts. Their silence is deafening.

Before I go on any more, please refresh your memories of the issues by watching the following two news videos:

Here is the original JAMA article which is causing all of the fuss and excitement:

In an extraordinary move, the Editors of JAMA have issued the following statement:

Unlike our Professor Gluckman, who authoritatively stated a few years ago that the science on fluoridation is settled, the Editors of JAMA have reminded its readers that science is "iterative". In other words nothing in science is final. Rather, it is a continual and never-ending process of repeated study which either strengthens or weakens a hypothesis, but nothing is ever definite in science. It is a sad day when scientists need reminding of this fundamental rule of scientific investigation.

And here is the JAMA Editorial on the topic. It is worth noting that they point out that European countries that do not have water fluoridation but more targeted programmes that we are advocating, tend to have lower rates of dental decay as compared to fluoridated countries.

I think the Editors of JAMA need to also remind medical experts of the meaning of the hypocratic oath which they have sworn to uphold: "First, do no harm!"

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