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Mandatory Fluoridation is now Law

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

No Fluoride

Mary Byrne wrote the following in an email:

Hi everyone, Unfortunately the Government has passed the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Bill into law. They have done this at a time when most of us have been distracted with COVID. Right now many of us are facing losing our jobs if we refuse the vaccine and all of us are looking at some form of COVID passport, renewable upon booster shots, to be allowed to do the things we all took for granted. Ashley Bloomfield, as Director General of Health, is now the sole decision maker for fluoridation. It is extremely unlikely he would not give the go-ahead for every area to be fluoridated. As the Government is also disbanding the DHBs and centralising control of Three Waters, the Government now holds all the cards. There is no avenue for community input and it is obvious the Government is not interested in what the people want. There is also no other political party in Parliament to turn to as they are all in agreement with the Government. They are doing this despite the science proving, as conclusively as it can, that fluoridation is harmful. See this presentation by Canadian scientist Christine Till.

Yesterday in Wellington there was a massive protest against the laws being implemented by the Government which you can see in this footage. The first five minutes are of the motorbikes and some people that got ahead of the march. Main march comes through just after 5 minutes.

The bottom line is we are under a totalitarian regime that is intent on taking away all rights and freedoms. “Rule of law” is rapidly becoming non-existent. Fluoridation will only end when our current system ends and is replaced by a people-empowering decentralised system. We all need to focus our efforts to that end now.




By the way, you may find this paper about the origins of human fluoridation interesting:

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