• Gary Moller

Look out Tokyo - here we come (updated 210321)!

Updated: Mar 20

I've been meaning to write to the Olympians and other serious athletes we've been working with to cover a few topics of interest. Assisting elite athletes is interesting, but more of a hobby than a business. COVID has made us far too busy by creating a seemingly endless stream of stressed and exhausted people seeking our help. So, here is an informative article instead of writing and answering a lot of emails to athletes?

Tokyo Beckons:

The road to the Tokyo Olympics has been long and paved with uncertainty. Many athletes aiming for Olympic glory have had difficulty maintaining their focus, intensity, and consistency. This represents an opportunity for those who have been holding steadfast. While others are fumbling and bumbling through their workouts and feeling sad and confused, this is the time for you to bump your training - your fitness to the next level.

Delays, be they lockdowns or anything else, present the opportunity to get the basics optimised, such as topping up your nutrient tanks, dealing with troublesome injuries and correcting things like muscle imbalances and polishing technical skills. For those of you who have done so and continue to do so, this is translating into impressive improvements in performance.

About Performance-Enhancing Drugs, possibly hidden in your Supplements:

This topic annoys me and gives me a headache whenever I think of it! The first thing to say is this: Never has an athlete under my care produced a positive test for a performance-enhancing substance. And by continuing to follow a few commonsense guidelines I am sure they never will.

What's the problem with supplements?

It is an over-blown threat because most drugs cheats resort to the "contaminated supplements strategy" to either avoid a ban or get a reduced sentence. The possibility of genuine "contamination" is real. Although the risk may be small, we can not ignore it.

Please read this:


As a general rule of thumb avoid:

  • Body-building products.

  • Weight loss supplements.

  • Energy-boosters, pre-workout supplements.

  • Made in China.

  • Cheap supermarket products.

  • Anything from a factory where drugs, including things like body-building supplements are manufactured/stored alongside nutritional supplements.

  • Anything: "Hey, you've got to try this!" offered by the muscle-head in the gym.

I realise you are all under immense pressure to avoid supplements that have not been batch-tested and certified to be clean, but where does this begin and end. Does it mean you must avoid blackcurrant powder packaged as a performance supplement, unless it has been batch- tested? Is it then okay or not to eat the whole berries? How about taking a concentrated broccoli sprout extract (sulforaphane) in a capsule? Sorry, this is not permitted, but how about eating a bucket of sprouts? Its ridiculous!