Gary is a Health Practitioner who is focused on addressing the root causes of ill health or poor performance rather than just treating the symptoms.


He does this by making use of a key forensic tool - Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - and administering healthy, natural and sustainable therapies. more


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) identifies mineral deficiencies, excesses and toxicities.  HTMA is a powerful tool to help understand possible root causes of many chronic and age-related health issues, including poor athletic performance.

Here is what other Health Professionals have to say

“I just attended a webinar with Gary Moller and it was just fantastic. 


He is a wealth of knowledge, not only in his own expertise but across the board. I found the content of the webinar really easy to follow and it was extremely useful for my own personal knowledge, as well as a health professional. I might also add that he is very funny!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!


All the best,"

Caroline Collins

"I run The Breathing Clinic in Nelson and I organise regular Professional Development training sessions for my professional body, the BIBH. 


I recently invited Gary Moller to do a session for us regarding HTMA.  Gary's knowledge and passion for his work just poured forth in the session.  This is a complicated subject and Gary, with decades of experience in this field, has a knack for making it easily understood.  Once a client has improved their baseline breathing pattern it can be clear that there are other factors at play with regard to their health.  So many of my clients are on various supplements that they have often self-prescribed and, given the complex interactions between minerals, trace elements and heavy metals in the body, I wonder if they may be doing more harm than good. 


Now, having found Gary and HTMA, if they are interested in continuing their quest for better health I am able to suggest that they test for mineral and trace element deficiencies and imbalances and heavy metal toxicities and put some science into the equation around diet and supplementation.  I can highly recommend attending a webinar by Gary if you would like some insight into a fascinating piece of the health puzzle."  


Nicky McLeod

Breathing Educator, Associate Buteyko Practitioner, Nelson

"Gary is a wealth of information! I was hanging on to every word during the webinar. He knows all the in and outs of body function and nutrition and how all these work with each other and affect each other. His knowledge is refined by many years of experience, something all practitioners aspire to. I highly recommend his webinars!"

Dina Ceniza, Breathing Coach and Buteyko Practitioner

The Breathe Clinic

Glendene, Auckland