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Newsletter Sign-up: Get Our Free eBook on Blood Pressure!

Breast Thermography - Taking Control of Your Breast Health

Breast Thermography thermogram Gary Moller Nutrition health fitness sports lifestyle educationThermogram showing vascular patterns within the breast, as well as patterns of warm and cold.
Repeats accurately track changes,
including the effects of any interventions.
Breast thermography is a valuable non-invasive tool for predicting breast cancer risk and monitoring changes to breast health. While it is useful for all women, it is especially useful for young women and those with small breasts.

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How to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in Athletes and Traveling Sports Teams (updated 5/3/2014)


DVT Gary Moller Nutrition health fitness sports lifestyle educationDeep vein thrombosis (DVT, phlebitis) among apparently healthy men and women is disturbingly common. I will see as many as two cases per month.

Former national class runner, now in early 60's, developed a calf strain after a short run. This coincided with a journey by car to Auckland and back to Wellington.

He had booked in with me for some deep tissue massage of the injured calf.

He struggled into the office and had a pale complexion and a hint of purple on the lips. Since there was no history of an actual injury to the ankle I concentrated on assessing his pulses, blood pressure and circulation. On the basis of what I found, I referred him immediately to his doctor who immediately referred him to the hospital where it was confirmed he was suffering from blood clots in his leg.

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Correcting Foot Pronation (collapsing arches) with Corrective Exercise (Updated)

Conventional treatment for pronating feet invariably consists of the fitting of orthotics which are special shoe inserts that are designed to alter the mechanics of the foot. These inserts can be expensive. The most expensive pair I have come across so far, came to whopping $940 (including consultations).

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Adductor Hamstring Muscle Pain and I Have Knee Pain and Feel Like it Might Give Way

Medial Hamstring1 Gary Moller Nutrition health fitness sports lifestyle educationRear view of leg: Take careful note of the red muscle that runs up the side of the leg"I have a question for the PGDipRehab PGDipSportMed- department- a year and half ago I got a very bad IT problem that took months of physiotherapy (strengthening, stability and tensioning etc) and eventually a meeting with a Dr who gave me one exercise of straight legged tensioning with foot tilted in.

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Medial Ankle Pain Following a Lateral Ankle Inversion Injury

"I am from Korea and I used to be college basketball player but recently moved to U.S. I had superior athlete body shape before I injured my ankle last November. It was eversion sprain(deltoid ligament), I usually have multiple inversion sprain during practice or game but this one was pretty severe so I decided to use crutches. I lost noticible muscle on lower leg.

After this incident I went to several different doctors but they all said it's just grade 3 sprain but they think it's fine. I had constant pain inside my ankle and my foot arch dropped dramatically.

These days my achilles hurts but doctors said it's just probably inflammed...

So I started not trusting doctors but when I did web research I thought mine was kind of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction but after I read your strengthining foot I thought that would be my case.

Now my knee started hurting too...

I'm dying to get back to court but how much pain can I ignore and push?"
Gary comments:

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