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Newsletter Sign-up: Get Our Free eBook on Blood Pressure!

Getting airborne on a Lefty Cannondale is possible!


Composite Jump Small


What better way to redifine ageing in a most healthy way than to participate in an extreme sport that challenges all the qualities that decline with age?

Strength, stamina, eyesight, reaction time, balance, the ability to take the big hits of falls and to heal quickly and fully.  These all decline with ageing while chronic disease takes over and eventually finishes us off.

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Why New Zealand has high rates of osteoporosis despite huge calcium intake

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Image: Too much calcium and not enough of a whole lot else.

A pattern consistent with fatigue, thyroid problems and future cardiovascular issues and even osteoporosis

 Here's something to think about and you don't neeed to be a medical or nutrition expert to follow the logic:

  • New Zealand has one of the highest dietary intakes of calcium of any country.
  • New Zealand has one of the highest rates of osteoporosis.

This does not compute!

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Viagra and other male erection drugs increase risk of melanoma cancer


The lawyers are circling around these drugs!  When lawyers start getting involved, it is time for everyone to take note and question the safety of the drug, or class of drugs concerned.  In the case of drugs for erectile dysfunction (ED), there are the following points to be made:

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Using thermography to monitor breast health (feedback)


Breast Thermography thermogram Gary Moller Nutrition health fitness sports lifestyle education

Hi Gary,
I have had another thermography test as Im going away xxxx and I needed it done before then.
Im relieved to tell you that I have reduced my result from a level 4 BIRAS to a Level 2! ! Oh thank god!!

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Karapoti: An ongoing exercise in frustration

Photo: Gary racing around Aotea Lagoon 1982

For the best part of 20 years, my goal has been to break the magical three hours for getting around the notorious Karapoti course of Upper Hutt.  Notorious because it sucks participants into its foul mixture of rocks, dirt and mud, swills them around for a while, adds a few massive hills, then spits out what remains three to four hours later.  

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