• Gary Moller

Will this vaccine get New Zealand out of this mess?

"Director of the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research and the programme director of the Vaccine Alliance, professor Graham Le Gros, says social and economic pressures and how much people can withstand restrictions should also determine when to abandon elimination."


Professor Le Gros is, in my opinion, being very diplomatic when he suggests that the strategy of elimination of the virus is best abandoned (I assume he must choose his words carefully because of the organisation he represents). However, the frustration with the Government's plan is growing, and we can sense this in our PM, who is, at times, appearing worn and stressed. This interview below from this morning reflects the growing frustration and disillusionment of the nation. It also adds weight to my feeling they are making it up as they go. There is no real plan; this is management by crisis!

I clipped this live interview with Professor le Gros this morning. Again, he is being careful with his words, but you will feel his frustration and urgency:

While he wishes for all New Zealanders to be vaccinated, he has, in a previous interview which I can't find, acknowledged that the key to our way out is our own immune systems - plus vaccination.

Vaccine - yes but not this one because there are growing concerns about its safety and effectiveness. New Zealand is capable of making its own vaccine using techniques that are probably a lot safer and immensely cheaper. The problem, as I see it, is we are locked into a supply contract that we can't get out of.

The vaccine alone is not our escape because this kind of virus rapidly mutates away from any vaccine. I have been saying this for over a year now. Our escape comes principally from improving the health of every New Zealander while allowing our general practitioners to provide prophylactics and treatments without hindrance from officials who have no real knowledge of frontline medicine. Vaccination may have a role but, it on its own, is not the Magic Bullet.

I'll go a step further: the evidence is growing by the day that the vaccine itself may be fuelling the resurgence of this pandemic. Unlike naturally acquired immunity which is broad and lasting, the immunity granted by the mRNA vaccine is too narrow and short-lasting. Like everything to do with this pandemic, this is a fast-developing and changing story, and there are ominous signs the vaccine is failing us:


"Israel is one of several highly vaccinated nations – with Iceland, Gibraltar and Seychelles – that, despite initial claims of success, now rank amongst the most diseased nations.

Common sense, therefore, informs us that the vaccines don’t work, and have not achieved what the vaccine designers, manu