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Why we need you to buy off us

Updated: Mar 4

I get emails along these lines:


Health 2000 has the Fluvic on special for $27 ..I have almost run out and there is a shop directly across the road.

Is that a good price? ..will get 2 bottles if it is same ish price you can get it for?"

That is a good price. If we sell this product for less than $30, we might as well quit. So why would a person want to purchase off us? Here is what I wrote in an earlier article:

"Our products come with professional advice customised for you. Internet stores and supermarkets do not help you with professional advice for tailored nutrition, based on your health history and test results. This involves carefully balancing what is being taken, including understanding any interactions with medications and medical treatments. While we do charge for formal consultations, we seldom charge when answering emails and taking phone calls. We rely on the modest income that comes from these product sales to keep the cost of staying in contact with you low. We rarely charge for the time to adjust your programme, or to fulfill orders. It is important that we do not put barriers in the way of you keeping in contact. Regular feedback and questions are important for the ongoing process of getting you fit and well."

If the difference in price is just a few dollars here and there, then please purchase off me.


You can now purchase Nucell directly from the supplier using this link and get a discount, so we both benefit. Go here and you automatically get 10% off during the checkout process.

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