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Why it is important to apply for a vaccine exemption

Updated: Mar 18

(Updated: 07/02/22)

If you have any health issues that you fear might be made worse by COVID vaccines, apply for a vaccine pass. I'll explain why and how to go about it.


Important disclaimer directed at the Thought Police and various other snoops during these times when people who hold unacceptable ideas get punished:

The following article is not medical advice, I'm merely sharing what I know with subscribers to my blog. They are sensible people who are able to think for themselves.


Apply for a vaccine exemption if any of the following conditions are familiar to you:

  • Has had a suspected adverse reaction to the jab, no matter how minor. Bear in mind that, like a bee sting for some people, the immune system may become hypersensitive, and the next one may be the fatal one.

  • Has any kind of autoimmune disorder, current or past.

  • Is in any way unwell or sickly, such as unusually prone to respiratory and other infections. This includes conditions such as cancer, present or past, and CNS disorders such as MS and Parkinson's.

  • Is on medication that may interfere with one's immune system.

  • Has or is affected by CFS or similar disorders.

  • Exhausted or under a lot of stress. This includes intense and exhausting exercise.

  • Anybody who treasures their health, their heart, their brain, their ovaries, their testes, and their DNA (evidence grows by the day that mRNA and the spike protein damages all of these).

When you think of it, we should all be applying for a vaccine exemption!


Statements of fact

Never, in the history of medicine, has it been necessary to vaccinate 100% of a population to gain herd immunity. COVID Omricon is a mild disease to most, and for some, they'll get it and never know they had it. The best immunity, broad and durable, is naturally-acquired immunity. Some vaccines such as smallpox, TB and tetanus are almost as good at giving immunity as getting the infection arguably safer, with fewer adverse reactions. The vaccines for COVID are not anywhere in the same class as these older and more traditional ones. The evidence is growing by the day that these new COVID vaccines are ineffective and may even damage a person's immune system. Furthermore, the harm these vaccines do is more significant than the disease itself. In addition, the people who are most likely to suffer harm are the ones who have the least to fear of the illness: Young, fit and healthy people, including children.

So, if the goal is to get out of this mess by gaining herd immunity, not everyone has to be infected or vaccinated, assuming the vaccines work, which they don't.


Let's set the scene by reading this letter of decline with care, then deconstructing it:

The letter is a cookie-cutter reply. It is also a "go away and stop bothering us" letter.


  • Everyone who applied for an exemption received the same reply letter.

  • Nobody who has applied knows why Bloomfield declined their application. Some of these people have hearts that are barely beating following the jab, and that is not enough to satisfy this panel of experts - give me a break!

  • The only options for the applicant is a different "approved" vaccine or supervised vaccination, which means they wait around the clinic for an extra half hour after getting jabbed, just in case they collapse and die!

  • What do they mean by "supports"? Oh, silly me; there is a defibrillator is on the wall.

  • Note the use of the word "approved". For some reason, that word grates on my brain.

  • The word "temporary" signals that exemptions are short-lived.

  • She is in her 80s and living in a retirement village, so are they expecting her to go back to work? The other people who received similar letters are either bedridden or close to it, so why are they all told to begin planning their return to work? Does this letter beg whether this panel of esteemed experts even read the applications of these unwell and disabled people? It sure doesn't look like it.

  • Note his subtle dig at her, which implies she represents a risk to fellow workers and those she cares for if she is not vaccinated.

Great excitement: One applicant finally got an exemption. The letter was excitedly opened and, talk about feeling let down: the exemption was for three weeks!

Here is her polite reply to Dr Bloomfield and his panel of experts:


Dear Dr Bloomfield & Panel

Re: your letter December 21 2021

I was disappointed and dismayed by your refusal to grant me a Vaccination Exemption. I want you & your panel to review the following facts about myself and my history with ME/CFS. I developed ME/CFS in 1996.

I refused the antidepressants that were all that 2 GPs prescribed. I'm a trained counsellor, knew I wasn't clinically depressed & didn't want to add the side effects of ADs to already debilitating symptoms. I ended up in bed for three months, with the usual fatigue, muscle pain & weakness, headaches, digestive problems, & foggy thinking. A connection with XXX, now deceased but then in XXX, led to a diagnosis of ME/CFS & considered help. He believed his patients would recover in 1 month for every year they'd had ME/CFS. It took me three months - I was then able to walk long distances & scuba dive again. That was August 1997. I've not had a repeat of those ME/CFS symptoms until after my 1st Pfizer dose, July 7 2021 - 23 years after the end of that 1997 episode. So this recurrence can hardly be a coincidence; 23 years later. I was anxious about having a CV19 vaccination. However, I was persuaded by the Government's advice that it was safe & effective and would lessen symptoms of ME/CFS if I developed long Covid. I consulted my GP, XXX, on this decision. The ensuing weeks since October 7 2021, have been challenging and debilitating. I was appalled that I'd developed fresh ME/CFS symptoms due to having the Pfizer vaccination. It achieved the opposite of what I'd been led to believe. Research shows that a 2nd vaccination may lead to added complications when the 1st is accompanied by many adverse complications, as in my case. You've recommended I have a 2nd vaccination (plus 3rd & 4th?). I have doubts about the wisdom of this. I refer you to the plea by Professor Warren Tate that people with CFS be exempt from the mRNA vaccine: Ironically, history is now repeating itself. The medical profession refused to help me in 1997 and is now refusing to grant me a Vaccination Exemption and suggesting one treatment only; a drug/vaccine that has already caused me harm. Once again, I need to have alternative (non-allopathic) treatment 23 years later. Importantly, will you please share the risk assessment you and your panel conducted when assessing my case? I.e., how did you conclude that I can safely take one of these vaccines? I'm 82yo, otherwise, fit & healthy, and significantly not on any medication for any condition - no BP, obesity, heart problems, diabetes. However, I'm living in a Retirement Village and have been bullied, harassed & sneered at for only having had one vaccination - by a pro- vaxxer. Others are treating me warily because I might infect them. It doesn't seem to occur to them that they could infect me, as their vaccinations aren't 100% effective. I'm now excluded from the Body Balance Class as I don't have/can't have a VaccPassport. Your refusal to grant me a Vaccination Exemption has left me in an invidious & unacceptable position in the village because I followed your advice in the first place. You mentioned seeing a specialist. Would you please advise who is available in the XXX area? I will also discuss this with my GP. However, I don't understand the need in my case. What is there to gain?

I'm too exhausted at present to cope normally and cannot comprehend the sense of having another vaccination while I'm unwell. It opposes all medical advice about not being vaccinated if you're unwell. It's simply not advisable. I do wonder if you & your panel actually understood the depth of the fatigue & unwellness that followed my 1st vaccination when you read my application? It seems to me that you couldn't have. I do not have enough energy or money to be trying to consult specialists needlessly. My only way forward has two options as I see it.

• I join the ranks of the non VaccPassport holders. My life at the XXX will become even more untenable, especially when Omicron takes hold. • You grant me a Vaccination Exemption. This will endorse my current vaccination status and enable villagers to accept my position. Please address this matter urgently. I'd like to get on with making the most of the years that remain. (Name withheld)


A reader, Rod, wrote in response:

"In my view, the most valuable advice for those who have sought and been denied an exemption is the following:

"Importantly, will you please share the risk assessment you and your panel conducted when assessing my case? I.e., how did you conclude that I can safely take one of these vaccines? "

This should be part of your medical record and MUST be provided on request. Unless of course, it doesn't exist, which would surely be absolute proof that no consideration was given to granting an exemption at all.

Meanwhile, those of us who have declined the jab so far should indeed be putting Bloomfield and co on notice regarding our rejection of vaccine passports and the imposition on our human rights by denying us entry to certain venues and events."


Still apply for a vaccine exemption even if it appears to be a waste of time: Create a paper trail.

Keep a paper trail like the one you can see developing here, just in case you fail to recover from an adverse reaction or react badly to further jabs. The paper trail you create is your power when seeking justice later on when the people involved in this crime are held to account.

We predict Dr Bloomfield will not properly address her concerns. If he does not reply after a couple of weeks, or if he confirms the rejection of her application, she will write again to express her disappointment. In addition, she will politely inform Dr Bloomfield and his panel of experts that they will be held to account for any harm as a consequence of their decision.

Seeking justice may take years, hence why having a paper trail is so important. In addition a vaccine-injured person may apply for assistance by Accident Compensation. You must have a paper trail.


  • Keep a diary.

  • Get everything in writing and keep copies in a safe place.

  • Take a person with you to any meetings. Make it their job to take notes and record what is said and agreed to at the meeting. Have them there to give you moral support and to bear witness.

  • Do not attend meetings alone.

  • If you have a telephone conversation, follow it up by sending a diary note to the other party summarising what was discussed and agreed.

  • Get a copy of your patient notes.

This advice may appear like overkill, but it isn't. Paper is power when it comes to these matters, especially as time passes. Remember this: your body and mind are precious; they are all you have, and you can not trade them in if they are damaged. So be incredibly protective of your health and, if you suffer harm due to someone else's incompetence, then you have every right to feel aggrieved, and you must seek justice. If it is not for you, your action is to protect others who may suffer a similar fate if nothing changes for the better.

How to apply for an exemption

Go here, have a good read and follow the links and see what might best apply to you (Take note of their unhealthy fixation with the word "temporary" ):

I understand you can only apply through a medical practitioner, which is the first hoop you must obediently jump through. Your doctor should not refuse your request, no matter how remote they think your chances are: It is for Dr Bloomfiled and his panel of experts to judge the merits of your case - not your doctor. If your doctor refuses, well, that's another hoop to jump through, and it depends on how hard you want to push it: my recommendation is to go and see another doctor. The problem you have here is doctors are in short supply, and the situation is getting worse.

If you value your health. and care about New Zealand but do not want to go through the hassle of applying for an exemption

Like obedient doggies, we are being trained to jump through hoops, and once we have mastered the first lot of rings, they reveal another set; except, this time, the hoops are flaming ones! They are conditioning us to comply without asking questions, but it won't work because we are wise to their game.

Hey, Gary, that is not safe! Be safe!

So, here is the official, approved garb for anyone preparing to apply for a vaccine exemption (This garment is officially suitable for human wear):

So, if you do not care to play the game as thoroughly as I'm outlining in this article, or if you are in excellent health and not going anywhere near the jab, or your doctor refuses to cooperate assuming you have one, here is what you do:

Lodge a Complaint with the Human Rights Commission

Please read this:

Here is the form for filing a complaint: it is quick and easy to complete.

You will note the absence of a tick box for health freedom, vaccine or mandate-related complaints. They are probably omitting these to discourage you because they do not think these kinds of discrimination are human rights issues. Go ahead and state your complaint anyway and, while you are at it, why not complain as well about there not being a tick box for your complaint?

Although you can pretty much guarantee your complaint will be declined, please go ahead and lodge a complaint anyway and keep a record of this and any replies. You'll be helping others by adding weight to the numbers. I'll write more about this in another article.

Start a letter-writing campaign

Write to Dr Bloomfield, the Minister of Health, the Prime Minister, your Members of Parliament: the lot of them. Challenge your trade union and any other organisations if you feel they have been complicit in these crimes by their actions and inactions. Tell them all that they will be held to account for the harm they have done to you, your family, your community, your livelihood, and your mental and physical health. Tell them they must cease these mandates immediately. Tell them that you will bear witness to their crimes, and you expect justice for everyone affected, no matter how long it takes, and you will seek compensation for the pain and suffering as well as for all other harms inflicted by their actions.

Here is a list of Members of Parliament:

NZ govt members-contact-details-as-at-5-october-2021-xlsx
Download XLSX • 16KB


So there we go, keep strong and do what you can to contribute to helping to get this country out of the prison they have created for us. We will get out, it is only a matter of time, and the more we push, the sooner it will be over.

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Juana Atkins
Juana Atkins
Feb 05, 2022

I have a question about one of your points that makes no sense to me perhaps you can help? "Treasures their health, their heart, their brain, their ovaries, their testes, their DNA." That is listed as a condition. I do not understand.

Gary Moller
Gary Moller
Feb 06, 2022
Replying to

Juana, thanks for highlighting that. I've gone back and edited it and tidied up some other bits. Does that make sense now.


Feb 05, 2022

Woohoo! Thanks for all that, Gary! And thankyou, dearest 82-year-old friend, for sharing your story...i would come visit you and throw you a little party if i could! 😁💃💃💝💝😉🤓

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