• Gary Moller

What Doesn't kill you....

Updated: Aug 30

"Elimination is still the game plan at the moment, but the Delta variant asks some "big questions about the long-term future of what our plans are", Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says.

The answers have been there for weeks. But they will answer with mandatory vax, mask use for everything including when in the Great Outdoors, curfew, not allowed 5 km past the house, and now we are instructed by our Beloved Commander-in-Chief that we must not talk to our neighbours (!!!) and people are obeying: These are not the answers or the behaviour that will work. We are like unsuspecting eels entering an eel trap, the further we enter, the harder it becomes to reverse.

Elimination is the pipe-dream of the deluded. The evidence is clear that the immune response from the mRNA vaccines is too narrow and does not last long enough to justify its use. Coronaviruses quickly mutate away from vaccines - hence no cure for the common cold! In contrast to mRNA-induced immunity, the broad and durable immunity gained from catching and overcoming an infection as Mother Nature would have it done discourages mutations and, if a mutation happens, the person is already partly or fully immune to it.

Read this: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.08.22.457114v1.full

Some questions for you:

  1. If the vaccine is effective and you have had the jab, then why must you still wear a mask?

  2. If you have immunity from the vaccine, then why are you told to fear the vaccinated and the unvaccinated - all people actually?

  3. If the vaccine is safe, then why are so many people suffering harm and some dying, bearing in mind as many as 99% of injuries and death are not reported?

  4. Is it ethical and acceptable for a medical doctor to risk maiming or killing a perfectly healthy person in the hope they may save someone else?

  5. Why is it that extremely well-qualified experts, including the inventor of the mRNA technology, are being ridiculed, ignored and "cancelled" if they do not agree with the prevailing WHO-driven narrative?

  6. Why hasn't New Zealand had a national medical conference to present the latest and the best research and to debate and build consensus among health professionals about how to respond to the Pandemic?

  7. Why has there been no discussion allowed of the underlying root causes as to why New Zealand is so vulnerable nowadays to viral infections?

  8. Why is a vaccine being promoted to the exclusion (censoring and banning) of all other remedies of which there are now many?

  9. Does something smell fishy to you?

The Harvard Professor, in the video below, gives some good advice, including acknowledging the superiority of naturally acquired immunity. Take note of his cautions about vaccinating young people because of the risk of heart damage and other complications. His advice contradicts what our own lightweight experts are saying about the safety of this vaccine for young people. Who do you think is the more cr