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Updated: Mar 17

Mary Hobbs
Mary Hobbs

By Mary Hobbs

Writer and publisher

Ensconced behind the walls, as you watch the brave Kiwis peacefully protesting the mandates on the front lawn, do you pause to think how it came to the point where you are watching the destruction of our democracy by a government you are part of?

Most of you would have wanted to become an MP to represent the people. Yet, here you are, complying to orders not to listen to those who pay you, and who you are there to represent. That makes you a slave to a group that don’t serve Kiwis.

If you cannot be free to listen to the people, what is your purpose?

If you are still in parliament today and not speaking out, then you are complicit in this intentional destruction of our people and our country. That is treason.

The Kiwis on the lawn want the mandates to be dropped. These New Zealanders have arrived from all over the country and represent the hundreds who have died from the jab, the many thousands maimed by it and those who have lost their jobs for refusing to take it. They want to work.

Jabbed and unjabbed, these courageous Kiwis stand together in unity against tyranny and lawless despots who take their orders from an off-shore cabal that want to enslave the world with a social credit digital ID that will keep everyone prisoners. It isn’t about health. It’s about control. That includes you, your children. And your children’s children.

They see the scam. Into its third year with just 50 suspect deaths “with” covid, has ostracised Kiwis, intentionally destroyed small and medium businesses so the government need only deal with major corporates, while everyone else must rely on government for what it needs. That is a combination of fascism and communism.

If you are not speaking out that makes you complicit in creating a fascist/communist country.

The Nuremberg Code came from the shocking horrors of WW2 and decreed that people must be FULLY informed before taking an experimental injection and there must be NO coercion or blackmail. No person of goodwill can deny this right.

But New Zealanders have been fed lies about the jab, have been blackmailed, coerced and ostracized. If you don’t speak out against this, that makes you guilty.

You don’t belong as part of this. You don’t belong with Schwab’s psychopathic cabal and craven desire to be part of a ruling elite. You will be tossed aside when they have no further use for you, for there is no honour among thieves. He plans for only 300 “elite”. You won’t be on the list.

The irony is that your only hope is on the ground in front of parliament with those gutsy courageous Kiwis who have travelled long distances to be there and to insist the fascist mandates be dropped. Join them.

I know many of you are fine people. I know many of you know you have a soul. Be true to it today. Don’t lose it by obeying the orders of tyrants.

You wanted to help and found yourselves caught in this cobweb of lies and don’t know how to get out. It is simple. Step away from the desk. Stand up. Move outside and join your fellow Kiwis. Stand beside them for democracy and freedom. Sit with them.

Be part of the right side of history. Make history today. You will become international heroes. People will remember you for your courage.

On your deathbed, you won’t remember another day at the office. But I guarantee you, stepping across that line to join your fellow Kiwis today is something that will remain a highlight in your existence forever.

It will also have an astounding impact on the world. It will help break the tyranny. We all have defining moments in this brief physical experience of the soul. This is yours.

This is your time to show that you have chosen to stand for all that matters. Freedom and democracy. The right to choose.

Miracles happen when you are guided by what you know is right.

Kia kaha, Mary Hobbs Writer and publisher

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Feb 12, 2022

Such an elegant statement of the truth by Mary Hobbs! There it all is, between her and Dr Malone...what more can we say...what more needs to be said! Kia kaha friends. We stand together with our human family throughout the planet 😍


David Blake
Feb 12, 2022

Once again Gary you are on the money. Now is the time for the true leaders to show themselves.


Feb 11, 2022

My brother was fired from his job for refusing to be vaccinated. he is 61 years old and worked for this company since he was 15 years old

Feb 12, 2022
Replying to

You took the words right out of my mouth. We need a Register of companies/restaurants etc so we can boycott them. It is just a straight out "Power Trip", Once the truth re these jabs gets out, wonder how they we feel then? should be pretty angry because you cannot "Un-jab" one's self.

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