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Pre-Workout Supplements may Harm and sometimes they Kill!

Updated: Mar 26


I've written many articles lately about healthy young men and women dying from heart complications following the mRNA jab. Two speculative reasons why these serious ailments may be mostly male-related are:

  1. Young men tend to engage in more intense exercise, including straining under very heavy weights, thus placing more pressure on the heart.

  2. More than women, we can assume that young men are consumers of pre-workout supplements and the use of anabolic steroids for performance enhancement. These all have the potential to damage the cardiovascular system and the heart, including the nervous system which regulates function.

This article is about pre-workout supplements.

Preworkout supplements have killed several healthy young men while working out in New Zealand gyms. In addition, these supplements have harmed many. I have written several warnings about these "health supplements" in the past; however, their popularity is still growing among young men.

I'm reproducing an email I received from a young man several years ago:

"I am a 16-year-old male suffering from adrenal fatigue.

About two months ago, something happened. For a long time, I worked out excessively in the gym and used a very high-caffeine drink before my workouts. As a result, I only rested one day a week, and I usually spent that day studying or doing other activities.

I felt great until that one week when suddenly my energy wasn't quite as high as usual. I ignored my tiredness, drank my high-caffeine drink, and worked out anyway. Then I started noticing my confidence going down for no reason. By the end of that week, I was tired and didn't have my usual confidence. I ignored these symptoms and worked out with my high-caffeine drink anyway. Then one day after my workout, something happened. I came home and had a HUGE "down" I was suddenly depressed and was struck by anxiety, AND I was so tired. I also felt weak in my knees, wrists and hands. Ever since that day, it has not gone away. I sleep over ten hours, yet I'm tired when I wake up.

Now I am noticing other symptoms like blue/black under my eyes, lines on my fingers, and I have lost the lust for life and being happy. (also, sex drive, for that matter). I also did the pupil test with the flashlight, and my pupils seemed to struggle to keep attracting.

My doctor didn't see anything wrong when he saw the urinal- and blood test, but I knew there was something wrong with my body.

I am thinking about buying the Dr Wilson adrenal fatigue Quarter Pack. I am unsure if the only thing is if there is an age restriction. I am only 16, but I really need to recover from this. My main concern is that this adrenal fatigue will mess up my whole puberty and maturing process because the adrenals are responsible for 40% of the hormones.

Please help!"

(Quoted with permission)



Pre-workout supplements are all the rage in gyms; however, they are a deal with the devil, so to speak. There is payback later in return for the immediate benefits.

Symptoms of excess stimulant use include:


  • Fast and irregular heartbeat (palpitations).

  • Increased blood pressure.

  • Rambling speech and thoughts.

  • Jitters.

  • Nervousness and anxiety.

  • Headaches.

  • Tummy upset.

  • Insomnia.

  • Cardiac arrest (death).

Long term (if still alive!)

  • Addiction.

  • Stomach ulcers.

  • Depression.

  • Extreme tiredness, weakness of heart and muscles and extreme loss of stamina.

The risk of death is real: several young men have died from cardiac arrest in New Zealand gyms in recent years, shortly after consuming pre-workout energy supplements.

Enough said about these pre-workout supplements, other than to say, "Don't take them!"

If you must take a pre-workout booster, look for one free of any stimulants such as caffeine and ephedrine.

Clue: look for ingredients that end with "ine", then do a Google search to determine if it is a stimulant.

What lifts you must eventually drop you down, so take care!

My Pre-Workout Energiser, Performance and Recovery Formula

Purchase the following ingredients:

Empty them into a mixing bowl, thoroughly mix, and then store them in 2-3 airtight jars in a cool, dark place, like the pantry. There is enough here to last 3-4 months, depending on how much is being used daily.

Add 2-4 heaped teaspoons to your sports bottle with about a litre of water. Add a dash of Nucell for added potency:

Please give it a good shake and drink it as required before, during and after exercise. Also, have it during recovery days.

This Energiser drink will do exactly that: Energise, improve performance, and speed recovery while being 100% stimulant-free.


I wrote this more than ten years ago:

(Now updated)

"A coroner has recommended that authorities consider strengthening drug testing regimes after an Air Force member died during a training exercise after consuming steroids and dietary supplements.

The man, who can not be identified, died at an airbase in September 2009.

Coroner Carla na Nagara determined he died of cardiac arrhythmia due to a combination of anabolic steroids and dietary stimulant use.

The coroner was told the man was completing a 45-minute physical training session, which was described by his colleagues as being "fairly typical and not particularly strenuous or demanding"."



This young man was using a combination of anabolic steroids and stimulants for bulking up while stripping off fat. He was also taking a drug, Tamoxifen, usually given to women following breast cancer treatment. He would have been taking this to prevent the shrinking of his testicles and breast tissue growth - common side effects of anabolic steroid use. Other than the anabolic steroids and Tamoxifen, the stimulants, including caffeine, are all available in New Zealand over the counter or via the internet. He was taking caffeine pills, energy drinks and the pre-workouts "Ripped Freak" and "Super Pump". The names of these pre-workout supplements say it all! Various anabolic and stimulant formulations are heavily advertised on Facebook and elsewhere, targeting young men interested in sport and fitness. The claims being made are outrageous but obviously irresistible to many. It is quite easy to import banned steroids. Ads like these are very "pharmaceutical" and promote less than healthy practices to young men who do not consider consequences in quite the same way an older person might. What does not help is employing "Influencers", including personal trainers, to promote pre-workout supplements.

Observations and Questions:

  • How many young men have died from anabolic steroids and stimulants? I am aware of three in New Zealand over recent years - there must surely be more.

  • The coroner identified the cause of death, but how about drilling down to Root Causes: Where did he get the Tamoxifen and Steroids, controlled substances? Were any doctors involved with supply? What about the way the athlete stimulant products are marketed to young men? When is "ethical" advertising no longer ethical?

  • Are these over the counter athlete stimulants gateway drugs, directing the athlete down the dangerous path of illegal drugs such as steroids and EPO?

The people and companies who promote and sell these substances should be held to account for this young man's death: These could be a personal trainer in the gym, a pharmacy, a vet or doctor, a supplement store or a website. But, merely commenting on the cause of death is not going far enough.

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