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Parliament's Freedom Gathering is being battered: please help!

Please help: Wellington is being battered by a fierce storm. The conditions at Parliament are absolutely appalling and people are suffering, some going down with hypothermia, but these brave people are not going anywhere. They are in this for the long haul. Earlier this morning, I met with a couple of unemployed doctors from North of Auckland: they have arrived in the nick of time to lend their support and medical expertise.

If you live in Wellington, please go down and offer people a hot shower, a feed and a nap. Can you do a quick wash and dry of their wet and dirty clothing? We need you.

This storm is not going to end before tomorrow and it's a big one. There is a long day and night ahead, and there is every possibility that the authorities will not be honourable and will take advantage of the conditions to clear the occupation, perhaps tomorrow. Please help!

If you are not in Wellington, there are many things you can do in support: write to MPs and tell them to do their jobs. Tell them to stop get down to Wellington and meet the people.

Contact Andy Foster, the Mayor of Wellington, and tell him that a public emergency is evolving and, regardless of the politics, he needs to respond right now! How about the Council erecting proper tents, and opening a building nearby for the medical team and a place for people who are becoming chilled to get warm and dry. These people are not going to leave until the mandates are lifted. It is time for an honourable ceasefire.

We are not going anywhere:

By the way: Did you know that the toilets at the Railway Station have been locked just to make life more difficult for these genuine and peaceful people, and The Honourable Speaker of the house is continuing to blast the people with loud music and COVID messages? There is no honour in this kind of petulant behaviour. The people running the show, including the Speaker, are acting pathetically and should be ashamed of themselves. It only serves to outrage decent Kiwis and to harden the resolve of the people on the ground, throughout the country.

The rest of the world is watching this peaceful occupation with disbelief at the way politicians are treating their people, but also with great admiration at how brave and decent grassroots Kiwis really are.

Get your friends together for a peaceful vigil outside your local police station to get the point across that attacking peaceful protesters is not okay and to ensure there are fewer police officers available for an assault on the peaceful gathering on the grounds of the House that is supposed to be for the people.

If you can come down to Wellington during the week, please do so. The more, the merrier! Let's have a big party once the storm has passed: Woohoo!

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