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covid confusion
COVID Confusion

If you have not already gathered, Alofa and I have not had the mRNA jab, and we don't intend to. We choose not to for several reasons, including:

  • We have safety concerns about the mRNA jab (it is best not called a vaccine).

  • We are showing solidarity with the growing number of people who have suffered serious harm from the jab. I had two more cases of jab-related heart problems yesterday, and that was Sunday - our day off!

  • We are showing solidarity with those who refuse injection with a useless and potentially dangerous drug. Yes, it is an ineffective drug - it's a dud!

  • We have absolutely no idea, but plenty of fears of the possible long term harm, including the drug affecting humanity's intergenerational genetics.

  • We are opposed to injecting this stuff into children and the unborn (pregnant women).

  • We refuse to participate in practices that divide, isolate and discriminate.

If the jab works, why do we still have to wear a mask, socially isolate, close our borders and lock down the country? If the jab works, then why is there not now herd immunity? If the jab works, why whip up fear and hostility directed at those who choose not to have it?

We have decided to speak out. However, we realise we are making ourselves targets for retribution by speaking out. The possibility of our livelihood and reputation coming under attack is real, as is evidenced by what has happened to a growing number of brave and principled scientists and health professionals.