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Million Man March this Saturday 23rd July 10am Civic Square

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The Freedoms and Rights Coalition are holding a march this Saturday.

THE CALL-OUT: THE MILLION-MAN MARCH NZ is in Collapse Crisis Mode!

Who will stand NOW?

Who will fight for our country?

Who will fight for our future generations?

We see countries collapsing all across the globe, like in Sri Lanka. We need to ensure that New Zealand is not next. Everywhere we look, we have crisis after crisis... A Cost of Living Crisis, A Health Crisis, A Housing Crisis, A Mental Health Crisis, A Gang Crisis, A Crime Crisis...everything has reached crisis levels. After the crisis, the next level is collapse.

So we're marching across this nation in unison! We can wait no longer! Our country needs us!

We challenge every man to make a stand and bring out their families as we take our NZ back again!

This government needs to go NOW!


Join us on Saturday, 23 July 2022, in


Gary: While this message from the Freedom and Rights Coalition is directed at men, challenging them to stand up for their families and community, I agree that it is time for men to take a stand alongside our brave women. Bring your families along for the walk - doing so is empowering and uplifting, and you'll be in the friendliest of company.

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